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Instagram finally introduces two-factor authentication

Instagram Two Factor Authentication

Instagram has finally stepped up its security settings by introducing a new two-factor authentication process to let users log into their account. The company has officially confirmed the rollout after a couple of members spotted the feature during its early testing phase.

The two-step verification process will be available for both iOS and Android. Instagram patrons can set it up under their account settings by enabling the feature and entering their phone number. Henceforth, they’ll have to input an authentication code along with their email address and password whenever they log into the app.

The extra security should help reduce instances of hackers gaining access to profiles. Instagram had crossed the 400 million user mark a few months ago, making it a prime target for attackers looking to exploit loopholes in its safety measures. Parent company Facebook has implemented a two-step process for over 4 years now.

As pointed out by TechCrunch, even a few third-party applications such as Lock for Instagram have sprung up to help users defend themselves against malicious attacks. The new feature did not have a great start though, with blogger Wolf Millionaire claiming he got locked out of his account during the tool’s initial buggy testing period.

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He also spotted an additional log-in option in the form of backup codes. Instagrammers will apparently be presented with a list of these which are to be used when they are unable to access the authentication code. It could be useful in situations where they’re using a different SIM card while traveling or have lost their handset.

These backup codes can be regenerated if the user loses it or their account has been attacked. Instagram is further providing a choice to copy or take a screenshot of the ciphers. The company will hopefully iron out the bugs in its two-step system and make it more widely available soon. You can download the latest version of the app via iTunes or Google Play.