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What could Instagram cook up with its Luma acquisition?

Facebook-owned Instagram has come up with yet another way to improve the offerings of its video service it seems. This is evident from the company’s first ever acquisition which comes in the form of Luma, an app aimed at cinematic video stabilization and more. Financial details about this transaction haven’t been disclosed as of now, but the official Luma website has displayed a message which informs us about the deal. Also, it has been revealed by the developers that their official iPhone app is set to be taken down completely on December 31, 2013.

Aside from its filters, effects and high-quality video sharing features what Luma prides itself most on is its video stabilization tool. Now Instagram has already implemented such a feature on its iOS app, however, it is still to be made available for its Android version. What it basically does is that it removes shakes and jerks from shot videos to deliver enhanced clips, as can be spotted in the video embedded in the space below.

Ever since its initial release in 2010, Instagram has been constantly evolving. The simple filter-adding and photo-sharing service became a $1 billion entity in practically no time at all, and its acquisition by Facebook only helped it deliver a better experience to its massive community. It was only recently that it was infused with a Vine-like video sharing feature which lets users add filters to and share their clips for other around the world to see.

The acquisition of Luma by Instagram could mean that the company has some more big plans for further augmenting its user experience. We’ll have to wait and watch what it comes up with next.