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Instagram now has special business profiles


Instagram has become a massive haven for businesses to promote their goods and services, and it’s only fair that the makers of this app cater to their needs. They have done just that, and have started testing special profiles for such businesses.

Beside the usual Follow button, these profiles will also feature a Contact button that will allow users to view the location and email details of a particular business. There will even be general information about the type of business it is. For instance, the screenshots above list the account as a ‘Health/Wellness Website.’

Mashable tells us that the presence of such a feature has been confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson, who has also said that only a small number of users are part of this experiment right now. However, a broader rollout will definitely be on the cards for the near future.

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The presence of such a feature was previously reported but it is for the first time that we’re actually seeing any proof of it. Apparently, the Facebook-owned firm is also currently developing analytics tools for posts from businesses.

All this is a result of Instagram having fully embraced ads recently. All kinds of new video and photo ads have started popping up in users’ feeds, and they are not minding it that much as they can ignore them by simply scrolling up.

If you own a business, the new special profile benefits that are to be offered by Instagram should indeed excite you. Let us now wait and watch when the company decides to roll out the feature to everyone.