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Instagram 4.1 update lets you import videos and straighten photographs

Instagram has been bumped up to version 4.1 by means of a new update that’s live now for both iOS and Android. The main highlight of this fresh version is its ability to let users upload videos from the media libraries of their phones, so they can trim them, add filters and upload them like they do to clips shot though the app itself. Moreover, while iOS users now get the ability to straighten their photographs, those employing the Android OS will be able to use the Video on Instagram feature on their Ice Cream Sandwich devices as well.

After the introduction of the video uploading trait on the Facebook-owned social network, only those chips that were captured through the app itself were allowed to be edited and uploaded. However, you will now be able to import previously captured videos, just like how it works with images on Instagram. Moreover, you shall also be given the ability to square-crop your clips according to your liking, so you don’t lose much from the originals. If the clips are long, users will even be able to trim them short.

Instagram 4.1

Straightening images is a feature only iOS users will be able to explore. Whenever they click a new photograph using the in-app camera, they will have the option of leveling it using the Straighten icon. When Video on Instagram was first launched, its Android version was limited only to gadgets featuring the Jelly Bean OS, but with the 4.1 update, support has finally arrived for the Ice Cream Sandwich edition as well.

Instagram 4.1 is now available for download on the Google Play store as well as the iOS App Store.