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Updated Instagram 3.0 now available for Android and iOS

Instagram App Update 01

Instagram for Android and iOS has been updated and its latest version can now be downloaded from the Google Play store and iTunes. According to the official Instagram blog, the company has worked towards improving the user browsing experience with the v3.0 introduction.

As opposed to page views of pictures, the new version features Photo Maps and an option to geotag uploaded images with locations. Users may also notice the visual consistency due to the changed layouts of all screens. Nevertheless, they are fairly similar to the previous ones, says the blog. The text box of captions also is larger than its previous design, making it easier to type in long captions.

“We’ve been working hard on a major update for both Apple and Android devices. We’re excited to announce that today Instagram 3.0 is available to everyone. With every major release, we pick a theme – and for this one we’ve focused on the browsing experience,” reads a post on the official Instagram blog.

The developers of this photo editing software have added infinite scrolling with automatic loading, so subscribers can have a look at even more images. And along with that, users will also find improvements in browsing speed, mainly on newer devices. Besides some enhanced reporting tools for flagging comments as well as pictures, this application now has bigger grid photos to facilitate viewing a collection of images.

Instagram App Update 02

Version 3.0 of Instagram for Android and iOS is now available for download through Google Play and Apple App Store, free of charge.