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Inkling Habitat digital printing press introduced

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With more readers as well as publishers moving towards digital resources, the Inkling Habitat printing software seems like a good addition to this field. By means of the recently launched system, users can produce and publish intuitive data, laced with media content.

Inkling Habitat gives software-like treatment to digital content. It has been developed to not only facilitate publishing plain text from the Apple iPad or the web, but to also help add more interactive material to it. Creators can enhance their work by inserting high definition videos, 3D exhibits, guided tours and more. Interaction can be encouraged by appending quizzes with relation to the data.

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“To reinvent the book, we had to reinvent the printing press,” comments Matt MacInnis, CEO of Inkling, who unveiled Habitat for the first time today in a keynote at the Tools of Change for publishing conference in New York. “It’s not about replicating the printed page on a screen. It’s about making a first-class interactive experience on every device you target, and this is the first time publishers can do it reliably and at scale.”

Inkling Habitat 02

This software also receives cloud support so that the team working on creating, improvising, and finally publishing the content can co-ordinate from any part of the world. Cross-platform publishing is facilitated with a single click which updates every target platform simultaneously. To reduce the number of errors, the system is designed to run a set of tests after the content is made public. It looks for broken links, glossary problems, missing files, and more. Considering the need for constant revisions, the firmware saves all versions of a project. It enables authors to check each edition and make necessary amendments accordingly.

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Users can register for the Inkling Habitat early adopter program through the official website for the same. It will be made available commercially later this year.