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India says no to Apple’s plan of selling refurbished iPhones in the country

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Apple’s plan of importing and selling refurbished iPhones in India has been crushed by the country’s government. It has rejected the Cupertino company’s bid to offer pre-used handsets that can be sold at lower prices to those who don’t mind purchasing such offerings.

The proposal from Apple has been rejected the due to existing rules in India against the import of used electronics. The firm’s bid to introduce its own retail stores in the country could very well go through however.

In the United States and some other nations, Apple sells everything from iPhones to MacBooks in refurbished form. It works this way; a person might discover some fault in their device and get it replaced from Apple under warranty.

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Now instead of discarding this used device completely, the company will fix that tiny flaw in it, restore it to factory condition and make it available at a lower rate as a refurbished offering. Some believe these types of devices are more likely to survive longer as whatever flaws they were likely to develop over time have already been taken care of.

Apple has said recently that India is an extremely important market for it. However, the import duties and other consequences lead to its devices being considerably expensive here than in the US. And with cheaper Android options available aplenty, the consumer finds it very hard to go for an iPhone.

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The introduction of refurbished products could have worked incredibly well for the company in India, since to the consumer it would have meant owning an iPhone at a much lower price than usual. Besides, it would also have created a good pipeline for the consequent devices from Apple’s new upgrade program in the US.

Anyway, while we won’t be seeing refurbished iPhones being sold in India any time soon, it would be safe to say that Apple branded retail stores are not too far away now.