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7 InDesign Alternatives

Unable to find InDesign alternatives over the internet at forums or blogs? Well, fret not as we’ve formed an impressive list of substitutes that should cater to all your creative and desktop publishing needs. InDesign emerges from the house of Adobe and is a great solution to turn to especially when you want to create flyers, posters, magazines, brochures and other such content without any outside help. However, there are many similar programs out there that boast of housing different features for allowing you to do just that and a whole lot more.

1 – Scribus:


We kick off this party with the mention of a free, open-source solution that many already rely on for forming professional page layouts. Endowed with a user-friendly interface, Scribus proffers press-ready output and new page designs among other various attributes.

It further supports innovative professional publishing features such as CMYK and Spot Color, color separations, versatile PDF creation, and ICC color management, to name a few. The software is further compatible with Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX, OS/2 Warp 4/eComStation and Windows desktops.

2 – QuarkXPress:


QuarkXPress is yet another PC- and Mac-friendly application that many professionals turn to for having their virtual layouts done without incurring any worry lines on their brow. Well, you too can ‘xperience design’ with this particular entrant in our software like InDesign roster. As the developer reveals, you’ll be able to easily create rich content for print, eReaders, internet, tablets or any other form of digital media.

What’s more, you can also expect to see interesting features embedded here like powerful design tools, precision typography, layout automation, reliable print output and digital publishing. If you wish to purchase the full version, you’ll have to part ways with a hefty sum of $999 while an upgrade would cost you just under $350.

3 – PagePlus:


PagePlus is a print design and digital publishing software from Serif that lets you seamlessly create some great promotional content for either your business or any other non-profit or casual cause. It also enables you to edit PDFs, formulate interactive multimedia brochures and layout eBooks in the latest ePub and Mobi formats for the Kindle, iPad and other such tablets.

There’s even a new Asset tab that’s thrown into the amalgamation, through which you can organize your resources into different categories such as logos, backgrounds, symbols and more. A few of the new attributes found here include a clean design mode, eMagazine power, PDF output, Pantone colors, preflight, graphics tools, and easier template editing. And although this delight is priced at $109, you can even avail of a starter edition that’s up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

4 – Swift Publisher:

Swift Publisher

For all you Apple enthusiasts out there, we’ve roped in a designing and printing solution that’s fashioned exclusively for the Mac PC. Through this inclusion in our software similar to InDesign array, you’ll be able to easily create promotional fliers, handouts, catalogs, posters, social announcements, club newsletters and other such content in no time at all.

Blessed with a streamlined interface, Swift Publisher further boasts of various design tools that allow you to make your desired letterheads, menus, booklets and more directly via your own Apple computer. Opt from more than 180 pre-designed templates and take complete advantage of its advanced page layout. You can pick this one up at the Mac App Store for just under $20.

5 – Formatpixel:


Looked upon as an online publishing tool, Formatpixel lets you design and print any page-based projects. You can create anything from brochures and postcards to magazines and portfolios, and you don’t even have to be a whiz at it. Through the online WebTop Publisher editor, you’ll be able to seamlessly insert and layout pages, add text objects, create shapes and attach your specific images to your outcome. And after you’ve created your masterpieces, you can easily handle them all through your project manager. Coming to the pricing bit, there are different package options you can choose from namely, Vanilla, Lemon, Apple, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Their price tags read as free, £3, £8, £13 and £20, respectively.

6 – Microsoft Publisher:

Microsoft Publisher

The next contender in our software like InDesign roundup is an entry-level desktop publishing program that jumps right out of Microsoft’s hat. The current version of Microsoft Publisher lets you add ‘visual pop to your publications.’ Well, this is made possible through the latest slew of text and picture effects as well as online photo printing options.

Opt for your desired template, add pretty pictures and text bits to your masterpiece, save and name it according to your preference, and finally proceed to print out the final outcome. It’s as easy as that. This handy piece of software is a great solution for creating labels, catalogs, greeting cards, email newsletters, and yearbooks, among other ideas.

7 – PageStream:


Our final choice is software that can be downloaded for a host of platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and Amiga. This feature-rich program gives you the liberty to dabble in drawings, text bits, images, and layouts so that you can create things like business cards and postage stamps as well as larger content like billboards and encyclopedias with absolute ease. As far as the pricing details are concerned, the standard edition of PageStream is available at just under $100 while the Pro version will cost you $50 extra.


Creating posters, print media, newspapers and books has never been easier, especially when you have a plethora of InDesign alternatives at your disposal. Breathe life into your thoughts by letting your ideas flow across the virtual canvas in the form of pictures and text. And if you’re under the impression that only a professional can do this sort of thing, well we urge you to think again. Besides production artists and graphic designers, even novices who are new to the business can still manage to create some pretty impressive layouts by employing any of the aforementioned delights. So which ones would you rely on? Do leave us your comments in the space below.