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The ABCs Of Starting An Online Business

Handicrafts Platforms like Etsy, Poshmark and eBay allow people of all ages and all walks of life the opportunity to start an online business. These websites are designed to make shopping easier for the buyer and selling easier for the seller. They earn a commission on stuff being bought and sold on their platform after all.

If you’re thinking about building an online store, it is important to keep several basic factors in mind in order to be successful at it.

Don’t Take Shortcuts During The Name Creation Process

In case you don’t already have a name in mind, one of the first steps is to make a list of business name ideas, of course. Your business name should reflect your product offering and be memorable. For example, alliteration (starting each word with the same sound or letter) is a creative way to name your business. The branding should be memorable and showcase the feel of your company.

Many entrepreneurs use online name generation tools such as Namify to do this. Names must be cross-referenced to avoid duplication with other online retailers and social media sites.

Define Your Market

Online Store Identify your primary customer and build all the aspects of your business around that potential buyer. Make sure the company name, logo and descriptions speak directly to that client. After you settle on a business name, keep your target audience in mind. Knowing the demographics of your clientele will help you make strategic marketing decisions.

Maintain Consistency Across Your Product Pages

Every product page that’s part of your listing should have the same look and feel as your other pages, yet stand out from the competition. Develop a color scheme to represent your brand. Take photos using the same background image. Increase brand recognition by adding your logo to the backdrop. Make sure the design and layout of your photos look similar between each listing. Consistency is an important part of brand strategy.

Write Descriptive Titles

The more keywords you add to your title, the higher the chances of it appearing on a customer’s search. Use as many synonyms in your product title as possible to boost the possible number of times your products can be found on a search engine’s results page.

When you use a business name generator, you can create business and product names using the same keyword concept. Create product names that reflect your business name.

Share Your Brand Story

Product Branding Tell your customers a little about why you created your business. Keep it personal, and include information as to how and why your business helps the community. If your business was featured in any articles, share those links. Don’t forget to include links to your social media platforms.

Help your customer remember your company name by sharing the personal meaning behind it. Even if you used an online tool to generate the business name, something must surely have inspired you to choose it as your brand name.

Monitor Your Reviews

Respond promptly to online reviews. Prospective customers will see that you care about the products you offer and get a glimpse into your after-sales process. Seek out reviews from satisfied clients to help build positive ratings. Your online reputation is critical to building effective, long-term customer relationships.

Always Show That You Care About the Community

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Research shows that individuals will pay more for a product if it benefits the environment or community. Implement eco-friendly resources or shipping practices and promote these features of your product or business. Consider contributing a small portion of the proceeds of your sale to a non-profit organization working for a cause that is close to your heart.

Weave this strategy into your business model and your product line. Looking at your online business from your customers’ perspective can help you develop a committed client base. Returning customers and positive reviews can help you build a more stable audience and keep the revenue coming in.