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New Gmail Inbox wants to overhaul your emailing experience

The Google team which has been running Gmail all these years has come up with a new tool named Inbox by Gmail which happens to be an intelligent email client for smartphones. Available for iOS and Android platforms through an invite system, this application pulls data from your email account and streamlines it for you in an organized manner.

At its core, it has been designed to perform three basic functions. First among them is called Bundles, and is focused on grouping similar types of information together. For instance, emails containing your purchase receipts or bank statements will be bundled together by this app, so that you can quickly choose what to do with them.

Inbox by Gmail

The second important feature of Inbox by Gmail is named Highlights, and is meant to underline important information from your messages. Your flight itineraries, event information and more will be highlighted by the app, while more details related to them will be pulled from the web and displayed alongside.

Inbox by Gmail Assists

Inbox by Gmail comes with its own Reminders feature, but it expands upon it by offering Assists. These are useful complementary traits that accompany your reminders to make it easier for you to follow up on them. For instance, if your reminder reads, ‘Call Pizza Hut,’ you will be supplied with the appropriate number as well as information about the time it stays open for.

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Like we said, Inbox by Gmail is an Android and iOS utility, and while it’s available for download on the Play store as well as the App Store, it can only be used by those who have an invite. In order to become one of them, you’ll need to send an email to