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Inbox by Gmail enhances its Snooze option furthermore

For the forgetful, Snoozing is a godsend and the makers of Inbox by Gmail had seemingly recognized this when they had added the Snooze feature into the app. And now, they have enhanced it further by giving you a one-tap option to snooze emails to exactly the right time.

To learn about this new trait more clearly, let us consider an email of a restaurant reservation that you’ve received. Such emails contain time and date details, and only these will be applicable for the new features of Inbox by Gmail to work.

Once you slide left on that email in order to snooze it the usual way, you will see a new option at the bottom that will directly let you snooze it to a particular time. In the case mentioned above, the option of snoozing it to an ‘Hour before the reservation’ will appear, just like the GIF down below shows.

Inbox by Gmail Logo

This saves you to time you spend calculating the exact time you want to set the snooze at as well as the time you spend selecting the time and date. Google has revealed that this new feature of Inbox by Gmail will be applicable to emails containing package tracking updates, restaurant and event reservations, calendar invites, flight confirmations, hotel reservations and rental car reservations.

It was only a few days back that Inbox by Gmail was in the news again, as a fresh trait inside it was discovered by a user. This app possesses the ability to suggest you to set a reminder when you’re trying to email something to your own ID.

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For those who have gotten used to Inbox by Gmail, it is turning out to be a worthy replacement to the standalone Gmail app. And moreover, its makers are constantly churning out new features for it every now and then.