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Improvements for ads on Google put into effect

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The Mountain View team is apparently intending to make ads on Google more useful and as relevant as possible to users. The company aims to give people the liberty to click on any advertisement with confidence, without having to worry about malware, spam and the likes.

Since the search giant has a number of legitimate businesses depending on this system, it becomes all the more important that the bad players are plucked out. There have been some improvements with regards to the advertisement aspect on the website, according to the company. The setup has been integrated with enhanced ‘query watch’ that facilitates catching counterfeit ads even before they appear on Google.

“We also routinely review and update the areas which our policies cover. For example, we recently updated our policy for ads related to short-term loans in order to protect people from misleading claims. For short-term loans, we require advertisers to disclose fine-print details such as overall fees and annual percentage rate, as well as implications for late and non-payment,” states Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP and Engineer via the official Google blog.

A better ‘risk model’ has been put into place to detect advertisers who violate the policies. The next addition comes in the form of faster manual review of the ads to again help avoid violation and Google says they’ve speeded this process internally. Upon the company receiving a reliable complaint about an advertisement, users can expect to get a response within twenty-four hours.

Naturally, all of these improvements point at a more secure environment to look at ads on Google that are relevant to search.