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Improve Productivity by Using One Tool to Integrate Several Platforms

productivity Productivity has been a buzzword for decades – and considering that ancient people worked hard to reap the best possible benefits from their efforts, productivity as a concept has been a concern for millennia. Just as the invention of basic tools such as the fulcrum and the wheel enhanced productivity for our ancestors, today’s technology improves productivity by leaps and bounds. In the modern workplace, it’s possible to improve productivity with a single tool that integrates several platforms, automating “busy work” and doing away with much of the repetition that makes essential tasks take longer than they should.

Common Productivity Problems

Most of us are familiar with human problems that have an adverse effect on productivity; for example, marital problems, money woes, and poor health are a few issues that can take a toll. Not all productivity problems are human ones, however. Many workplaces are plagued by aging technology that works slower than the latest, cutting-edge computing gadgets. Legacy software can create productivity issues too, causing tasks to take longer than they really should. When tools don’t work the way we need them to, frustration sets in. Boredom, distraction, and a significant reduction in productivity soon follow.

Switching tasks leads to reduced productivity, too. Simply switching from one app to another, pausing to check emails, or logging out of one system and into another one can cause employee productivity to drop by an astonishing 40 percent. Little interruptions like these are labeled as multitasking, and are seen as part of the daily workflow, yet they cause disruption and make essential tasks take longer to complete. Where multitasking was once seen as a valuable asset and something worth striving for, it’s now a known liability. Researchers have proven that instead of increasing efficiency, multitasking slows task completion and even reduces IQ scores.

How Integrating Platforms Solves Productivity Problems

By using a tool such as Sapho to integrate platforms, your company can accomplish several goals simultaneously. Removing extra steps streamlines workflows, while unifying systems and apps into a single platform reduces interruptions and does away with the damage caused by multitasking. When employees can stick to a single platform with just one login, they develop the ability to use a single-minded focus. Sharper focus places attention on essential tasks and as a result, the same amount of effort that went into all of those fragmented steps goes instead to more important, productive activities.

Technology is often blamed for distraction in the workplace. It’s true that some of the same tech that helps us with everything from content creation to marketing can hinder our ability to pay close attention to our work. At the same time, technology that can automate repetitive, routine tasks into single-click actions saves time. The same can be said for a tool that integrates platforms and delivers proactively instead of requiring employees to search for what they need.

While it doesn’t take away the human drama that leads to reduced efficiency, the right technology has the potential to increase engagement and boost productivity instead of distracting workers as they attempt to move through their days.