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Important Role And Key Elements For Email Design

email-design Did you know that email isn’t just about digital letters sent for personal or work purposes anymore? This time, it’s more than just sending one letter to just one person, but billions of these emails landing more email addresses. Today, the average person can receive up to ten emails a day, even more from various subscriptions and businesses, among others.

Some of these emails, some are either deleted immediately, while others are automatically sent to the spam folder. What exactly makes emails readable and more enticing if it comes from a business, though? It can be quite difficult figuring out how to perfect your email marketing strategy to ensure that almost all your sent emails are read.

Because of that, I did the research to help you understand more about what makes email campaigns successful. So read on as I show you the important role and key elements for email design!

Important Role and Key Elements For Email Design

Email marketing strategies are one of the most successful ways to inform your target audience about your business. But just like many marketing campaigns, it’s a hit and miss, especially if you don’t plan ahead. How come your email design matters so much, though?

That’s because, with the better design, you’ll be able to track metrics AND entice customers to continue reading.

Plain text emails don’t give you the ability to track the open rate of your campaigns. Because of this, you won’t know much about how your emails perform. With better design, you’ll be able to track not just the open rates, but the clicks, sharing, conversion, even with your email engagement!

Furthermore, it can have people understand information better than simple text. Besides it is more interesting to the reader’s eyes, images and media help people recognize and understand information even better. This makes your emails effective and understandable, two things that have people continue following your business.

With that being said, try to consider any of these elements to add to your email marketing strategies:

  1. What’s Your Logo?

It’s important to add your email at the top of all emails you send, creating the consistent look. This also helps with your branding and recognition, so readers know who they’re interacting with right away. It also helps connect with the reader in small yet effective ways.

If you haven’t done this yet, use a logo that’s made specifically for your emails. Change the size and perfect the formatting to blend into the email design better.

  1. The Images In Your Email

Ensure that you choose the images you add carefully. There are programs like the Postcards Email Template Builder to help with image placement, but that’s different from image quality. You have to add a high-quality and mobile-optimized media that make it enticing and clear to view.

As much as possible, use images original to your business or branding. It’s best to avoid clip art or stock photos. This gives off a spammy feel, so if you do choose to use stock photos, go for premium memberships without watermarks included. This shows people that you invested your time in email design.

  1. Text Formatting and Placement

Take note that most of the emails you sent would be read from scrolling displays. Because of this, you have to format emails to make it flow naturally down the webpage.

Start off your email with something very interesting that piques recipient interest to continue reading through it. Add more detail to the opening paragraph and end your email with something just as interesting. While doing so, add a lot of headings, bullet points, lists, and white space for ease of reading.

  1. Using the Right Color Scheme

When selecting the right color scheme, you have two choices. You can either stick with your branding, or a specific mood dedicated to the message you’re sending. For the former, you add more to your branding and recognition, while the other can add more interest to the reader’s eyes.

If you go for something different for more attention, go for bright colors that emphasize your message. You can also go for colors associated with moods, such as bright yellow for happiness, or white for innocence and purity.

  1. Master Your Call-to-Action

Always remember you have to take time creating buttons that show your call-to-action to readers. This increases the chance of them going to the landing page for transactions, blogs, or whatever your goal is.

While the CTA button is just a small part of the newsletter, it’s one of the crucial elements you have to take care of. Make your CTA simple and clear, without the frills and with the straightforward call.

  1. Using GIFs and Animation

A nice mail design offers easy reading for your readers so they understand the message you want to convey. You’ll be asking something from your reader so you want the email as easy and enjoyable to read as possible.

One way to do this is by adding GIFs, media, and other animations to lessen the words used. This has people entertained while understanding the information you’re sending out.

  1. Mobile-Friendliness

Today, most emails are now opened from mobile devices. To make it even easier for our mobile users to read emails, you have to create a design that caters to both desktop and mobile devices.

At least make your emails with a responsive design for all devices for email codes to automatically change the layout for you.

  1. Add Contact Details

Last but not least, you should ALWAYS prioritize adding your contact information at the end of your email. After all, where will they reach you when needed?

Add your company name, contact number, address, website link, opening hours, even with your social media accounts. This adds credibility and trustworthiness to your readers as well.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that all these methods and elements of email design gave you an idea on what to do. Now that you’re familiar with it, begin incorporating these into your next campaign now.

For those who have queries or would like to share their own experiences with email design and the like, do comment down here! I would love to hear all your thoughts.