iMini Pet Speakers from Ozaki

iMini Pet Speaker If you want to make your stylish Apple iPod look cute then the Ozaki iMini pet music speakers are for you.

Ozaki has released the ‘oh-cho-chweet’ series of pet speakers, but hold on, they aren’t just speakers! These are pets that can dance some really cute steps on any music playing on your iPod. Named as the Ozaki iMini Pet Music Speakers, these pets come with a LCD display. So these are high-tech pets, all right!

These furry speakers also feature in them mic-in and line-in, speakers, FM radio and alarm clock. The speakers from Ozaki Worldwide Ltd. come in the form of Lion, Panda, Frog, Bear and Dog.

Doubling up as a cuddly (as seen in the picture via I4U) and speakers, the concept looks pretty novel! While you are listening to your songs, you also get a complete entertainment package as the pet moves it arms and body to the tunes of iPod.

There is no word on the pricing and availability of these speakers as the reports, the Taiwanese company is planning to sell these to wholesalers.