Imation Nano Flash Drive now available in 4GB Capacity reveals Imation India

Imation Nano Flash Drive

Imation India, a worldwide leader in removable data storage media has just announced that its Nano Flash Drive is now available in a higher capacity of 4GB. Previously, this flash drive was available only in 1GB and 2GB capacities.

Imation’s Nano Flash Drive is the smallest in the company’s USB Flash drive family. It is also lightweight, allowing users to carry it around easily.

According to Sanjay Koul, Country Manager, Imation India, “Our Nano Flash Drive combines professional design with performance and storage capacity needed to transfer and manage large digital files.”

The Nano Flash Drive also features an all-in-one swivel cap design that protects the drive, and also ensures that the cap does not get misplaced.

“It is an ideal solution for mobile consumers and business professionals. The innovative 360° rotating swivel cap allows for easy access to USB ports in tight spaces circumventing the need for additional USB cables,” Koul added.

The Imation Nano Flash Drives are available in 1GB, 2GB and also 4GB storage capacities and cost Rs.525, Rs.900 and Rs.1800 respectively. The Nano Flash Drives comes with Data Retention Period of 10 years and a 5 year limited warranty.