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Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive introduced

Apollo Portable Hard Drive

Imation has unveiled the new ultra-slim Apollo Portable Hard Drive. The sleek USB powered Apollo Portable Hard Drive features a stylish look and is lightweight. It has a midnight black brushed surface and chrome detailing.

The Apollo portable hard drive comes along with the easy-to-install and easy-to-use Total Media Backup software. Further it is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS systems. Consumers can use it with their laptops and also with their desktops. The drive offers backup, schedule, synchronize and restore functions with just a quick click of the mouse. Moreover, the drive can be preconfigured to backup all types of digital files.

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The Imation Apollo drive is powered by USB 2.0 and emits a blue LED light indicating data transfer.

“Hard drives continue to be a market area of significant growth, fueled by the demand for mobile products,” said Keith Schwartz, director, North America Commercial Division of Imation. “The Apollo Portable Hard Drive is ideal for the tech-savvy mobile professional, delivering the highest leading capacity and technology for on-the-go storage of important files.”

Currently the ultra-slim Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive will be available in up to 320 GB capacity while the 500 GB capacity version is expected to hit the stores by this summer.

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The Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive is now available in the US market with up to 320GB at the prices ranging from $149.99 to $222.99.

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