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Images of the iPhone 7’s dual-camera surface online

iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Camera

A fresh set of leaks have further intensified speculation that the iPhone 7 Plus will carry a dual-camera system. Talk about such a setup had erupted a while ago without any conclusive proof. These new images might just be our first look at the shooters.

To recall, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously predicted that the company was producing two variants of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus namely a regular camera version and a dual-lens sporting model. The setup would consist of two 12MP snappers manufactured by Sony, with one a standard wide-angle shooter and the other offering 2 – 3x optical zoom.

The new live photos seem to fit Kuo’s theory. Taiwanese site Apple Club recently posted images of a dual-camera module with the model number 821, a figure which Apple has used for parts before. Based on the pictures, the lens on the left is narrower with a thicker border and the one on the right is wider with a thinner enclosure.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens

Unfortunately, there aren’t any markings on the unit itself to indicate who has manufactured the cameras. However, the images do match those seen back in January at Chuansong and were highlighted this weekend by French website Nowhere Else. All the photos bear the same setup, complete with two short cables which probably get attached to the logic board of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Previous rumors have hinted that Apple has been experimenting with a range of manufacturers for its dual-snapper setup. It should also be noted that the brand had been granted a patent for such a feature last year. Patents don’t always lead to implementation, but the glut of new evidence seems to indicate that this feature may just become a reality.