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Image of HTC First leaks, hints at possible Facebook phone

Leaked HTC First

We are just a short while away from an event at which we could see the Facebook phone announced, and an image of what is supposed to be the HTC First has leaked. It is speculated that it could be a device that carries integration with the popular SNS because of the style in which the name has appeared.

It was long thought that such a handset was in production, with optimists willing to believe that company executives were at least thinking about it, if they hadn’t yet decided anything. And then the social network added fuel to the fire, when it sent out invites to an event to be held on April 4, 2013. In the invite, it asked people to be present for its ‘Home on Android,’ something that ignited all sorts of speculation.

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Facebook Home

Many were convinced that we were about to see the much rumored device, relegated to the back pages and dark places of the Internet for lack of any real evidence and nothing even bordering on official. Then just recently, in another leak, we heard that Zuckerberg and his flock were going to unveil a launcher that made an Android device very Facebook-centric.

This, it was said, would replace HTC’s own home screen launcher and take center stage in bring the connected experience to people and their smartphones. The recent leak had a ton of information, especially on the app’s permissions and what it could access. For example, it is thought that the launcher will be able to generate windows for system-level interaction with the user, and ‘see’ what is being run, in addition to being able to control a Wi-Fi connection and change system settings.

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Event Invite

The image that has appeared now, does so by way of Twitter busybody Evleaks, and is actually quite bland. It gives almost nothing in terms of what to expect. And what’s even more worrying is that, upon close inspection, there are signs that the image has been hurriedly put together. Anyway, we hope this doesn’t turn out like the Galaxy photos and ‘renders’ we saw from the leaky user.

Either way, the leak of the HTC First and its association to a Facebook phone comes from a fairly reliable source, one that has got things right more often than not. That said, it’s really difficult to judge whether or not this image represents what we are to see on Thursday.

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