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7 Illustrator Alternatives

When searching for Illustrator alternatives, what are your expectations? There’s obviously something about the Adobe marketed software that doesn’t satisfy your requirements. If it’s the price, then we’ve definitely listed out some suitable options for you. If there’s something else you’re hunting for while using such a tool, the only way to find out if you have a better solution at hand is by considering each candidate in our lineup.

1 – Inkscape:


This particular vector graphics editor is an open source gem which includes a host of features that are present in other similar programs. Sporting a user-friendly, streamlined interface, Inkscape employs the W3C standard SVG file format and proffers a bunch of advanced attributes like markers, clones and alpha blending, to name a few. You’ll also be able to edit nodes, perform complex path operations and trace bitmaps, all without breaking a sweat.

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Wondering just what this software can help you accomplish? Well, you can seamlessly create maps, logos, icons, technical diagrams and web graphics. And since it’s an open source cross-platform delight, you can acquire the same without even having to shell out a penny.

2 – Sketch:


Claiming to be a designer’s dream toolbox, the next entrant forays into our programs like Illustrator roster packed with impressive tools and a beautiful single-window interface. Sketch places basic shapes and vector tools at your fingertips. Some of the more advanced layer style options read as multiple fills and shadows, noise, blur, gradients and blending. While web and UI designers can enjoy a 960px grid, slices and multiple pages support, icon creators will be able to utilize iOS icon templates, a pixel grid, artboards and pixel effects. Now if you fall into any of these categories and wish to create works of art via your Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion system, you can go ahead and download this application from the Mac App Store for just under $50.

3 – Serif DrawPlus:

Serif DrawPlus

This Windows-compatible 2D vector graphics editor emerges from the house of the UK-based software company called Serif. When you avail of Serif DrawPlus, you’ll be bombarded with brilliant effects, different drawing tools and a plethora of exciting features. Some of these names include pencil and pen tools, realistic brushes, blend modes and a text on a path option.

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According to the brains behind this endeavor, the program will come in quite handy for designing creative print projects or any type of web graphics. And adding to its overall aroma is its $0 price tag.

4 – CorelDraw Graphics Suite:

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

Many of you drawing enthusiasts out there might recognize this name in an instant. But for those of you who might not be too familiar with CorelDraw Graphics Suite, well read on. It’s infused with a virtual basket of professional graphic design tools along with content-rich images and fonts, photo-editing capabilities and website design tools.

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There are even professionally designed templates, built-in help options and training videos for those who are new to the designer scene. And while most of the other applications similar to Illustrator have a modest price tag, this one pops onto the scenario bearing a cost of just under $500.

5 – Skencil:


After glancing upon a treat that made you dig deep into your pockets, here’s one that’s absolutely free to procure. Feast your eyes on an interactive vector drawing program that proffers you a whole slew of flexible diagram and drawing tools. A few of these features read as transformed text and images, gradient fills, bezier curves, ellipses, blend groups and the ability to write EPS files. The Skencil developer of this program has made its creation available for different platforms like FreeBSD, Solaris 8, 9, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

6 – Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX:

Option 6

Formerly known as Xara Xtreme, this inclusion in our programs like Illustrator roundup is your one-stop shop for creating vector drawings, DTP, Flash animation, web graphics and photo compositions. Some of the exciting attributes Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX harbors include easy drag and drop, solid object editing, direct action tools, infinite undo/redo, text and page layout, shadows, top quality screen display, transparency, live effects, 3D extrude, feathering, blends and more. The software mentioned here can be yours after parting ways with just $89. But if you want to take complete advantage of advanced print and web design options, you can always pick up the Pro version. This one will however cost you just under $300.

7 – CreativeDocs.Net:

Option 7

You can turn to CreativeDocs.Net for creating posters, schemas, short documents, flow charts, manuals, illustrations and plans, to name a few. This simple yet powerful software comes with an intuitive interface and customizable styles. A few of the creation tools roped in here include bezier curves, dimensions, regular polygons and stars, text blocks, free-style text lines, bitmap images, free form polygons and boxes, pyramids and cylinders in pseudo-3D. This program is available absolutely free of cost over the internet.


The program in question hit the artistic terrain in 1986 and had many a graphic designer reliant on this Adobe brainchild. The current CS6 version boasts of a new streamlined interface and also includes multiple features like new image trace, inline editing in panels, dockable hidden tools and color panel enhancements. Now if you’re looking for some worthy Illustrator alternatives that include an impressive tool set and other great features like the ones mentioned here well, you can be sure that all of the aforesaid gems definitely won’t disappoint you on that front. Take your pick and list your favorite options in the space allotted just below.