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iLive iT188B iPod Speaker Bar Sound System announced

iLive iT188B iPod  speaker Bar Sound system

iLive, a manufacturer of “made for iPod” products has announced the launch of the iPod speaker bar sound system which is attractively priced at sub $100. Known as the iT188B, this iPod dock offers a good number of innovative features.

First off, the iLive iT188B is a complete flat screen TV 2.1 speaker system which features dual built-in subwoofers offering high-fidelity audio playback.

Other features of the iT188B iPod speaker bar sound system include an AM/FM radio and an iPod clock.

Coming to the mechanism of this sound system, the iT188B has a remote-controlled and motorized iPod docking drawer, which disappears completely when not in use, and set between the unit’s two high-power speaker enclosures.

Both the iT188B speaker and radio functions are completely controllable with a full-function remote that includes iPod controls.

Further, the iLive sound bar has auxiliary line input for cell phones and MP3 capabilities; the dual audio video inputs allow for the connection of a DVD player, set-top-box, or game system, and video out and sub out for connecting external TV or subwoofer.

The iLive speaker bar is designed for under the TV or wall placement and is equipped as a table stand model or can be wall mounted with its own mounting hardware included.

The iLive iT188B sound system will be available in April 2008 for a price of $99.99 in the US.


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