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IIT Classpad tablet takes a leaf from UbiSlate

IIT Classpad

It seems like the Aakash slab and the UbiSlate 7+ may have to move over a bit to make room for a new tablet in town, the IIT Classpad. Similar to the aforesaid devices, this freshly launched one is aimed at encouraging students to take a more technological approach towards education.

Not only does the tablet make learning more interesting, but it also helps users enhance their intelligence levels and talents, apparently. It is targeted at students studying in standards 3 to 12 and it can be utilized in a number of ways. For one, the device may be employed as an eReader with its capability of storing a variety of books.

IIT Classpad 1

Rohit Pande, CEO, ClassTeacher Learning Systems, commented, “Our education system does not differentiate students according to the learning capabilities and teach them at the same level, but the software installed in Classpad tests students’ problem solving, creativity and application of language skills. It provides them with personalized teaching as per their learning capabilities.”

“Equipped with artificial intelligence, Classpad can help to categorize students as fast learners, average learners and slow learners. Classpad can assist in reducing the monotony of repetitive sessions in the classroom. Teachers can now complete their syllabus within schedule and get considerable time to focus on slow learners,” added Pande.

The IIT Classpad isn’t said to be beneficial to students alone. Even teachers can avail of its offerings by conveniently taking class tests, sharing content as well as conducting class work easily. Spec-wise, the tablet is coupled with a touchscreen and is complimented by approximately 7 hours of battery life. It also happens to be powered by a 1.3GHz processor. Appearing to run on Android, it comes with built-in memory of 4GB which is further expandable up to 8GB for hoarding files.

IIT Classpad 2

The IIT Classpad price starts at Rs. 7,500 and goes up to Rs. 14,000. The slate is available in two variants, as a trolley model for multiple students and as an OTPC (One Tablet Per Child) variant.