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iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower now available

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The iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio, is now up for grabs in the US. This system is deployed with Bluetooth technology and it works towards combining high quality sound with lighting effects.

Compatible with iPod and iPhone, the three-foot tall speaker claims to not only ensure an improved acoustic experience, but to also readily blend with the home decor and enhance it. The audio peripheral packs in 16 multi-color LED clusters that are responsible for producing light effects. Additionally, the iP76 renders decent sound, thanks to the 4 different speakers which rest under its hood. And as the device works with the assistance of Bluetooth technology, users are not required to tether their iDevices to the system.

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“With its unique design and color-changing capabilities, the iP76 is both a visual and audio delight that is as much fun to look at as it is to listen to. Most importantly, the speaker tower produces vibrant audio for your listening pleasure,” stated Evan Stein, Director of Marketing, iHome.

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Similar to most other speaker systems from the OEM, the peripheral in question also charges the connected device while playing music. It powers both the iPhone and the iPod while they are docked onto it. And if that’s not enough, the built-in component video outputs facilitate streaming content to a TV directly from the iOS-based gadgets. The inclusion of various effects like color fade, strobe, pulse to music and more makes for a customizable light show.

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The iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower price is $199.99. It is up for sale through the official website and authorized retailers across the US.