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IDrive outs new backup software, allows unlimited device access on a single plan

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Along with the latest software releases for Windows, Mac and various mobile platforms, the IDrive online backup service now allows users to connect an unlimited number of computers and gadgets to their account, on a single plan. The newly launched applications for the same are also available for download.

By subscribing to this backup service, users can access stored content through any PC running Windows or Mac as well as iOS or Android devices. It provides file and folder sharing capabilities for conveniently transferring content between friends or others with an email ID. Furthermore, gadget owners can enhance the data security by acquiring a private key encryption. Besides these, the company also offers real-time backup of commonly used content. To top these off, there seem to be no limitations on the size or type of data being uploaded.

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“Many backup services offer ‘unlimited’ storage space for a single computer at a flat rate, like $50 per year per computer – it sounds like a good deal at first, but back up 100GB from that one computer and you pay $50 a year, back up just 50GB and you still have to pay $50 a year: that’s where they get you,” expressed Stephen Gold, Business Development Manager.

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He further added, “Not only that, ‘unlimited’ storage plans almost always have very limited file retention, meaning they automatically remove data from your backup after you delete the files from your computer, usually just 30 days later. The question is, ‘What use is a backup that doesn’t contain files you accidentally deleted, say, six months ago?’ On the other hand, IDrive allows people to actually use all of the online storage they are paying for.”

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When it comes to storage plans, the IDrive online backup service provides 2 subscriptions for home users, which include a 150GB capacity for $4.95 or 500GB at $14.95, on a monthly basis. Corporate plans start at 50GB and go up to 1TB for a price of $9.95 per month.

The IDrive client is available for download on Windows and Mac OS X platforms through the company’s website, whilst mobile versions are up for grabs on the Apple App Store and Android Market for free.

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