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IDLDPL announced YES DPF900 digital photo frame

Say YES to IDLDPL’s new digital photo frame. IDLDPL (India Digital Life Style Distributors Pvt. Ltd.) has rolled out the YES DPF900, digital photo frame.

The IDLDPL photo frame has a cool 9 inch LCD screen and it also features an MP3 and MPEG4 player to create a perfect ambience while you mesmerized a beautiful picture that captured a precious from your life. With built-in speakers, you can sit back and enjoy the music while you keep looking at the wonderful pictures.

YES DPF900 frame

There is more. The YES DPF900 frame also comes with a feature called as the ‘reminiscence function’ that enables searching for you favourite images according to the date. And to treasure all your images, the frame sports 8MB of internal memory along with a support for memory cards.

Deepakraj Singh, Retail Chain Manager at IDLDPL said, “YES’s DPF900 satisfies all the parameters regarding quality, durability, portability, packaging and price. With its new added features, it becomes different from the crowd and its classy look really attracts. This is in addition to the normal quality assurance checks that all the goods have passed in the factory line.”

What more? The frame also supports USB 2.0. You can also rotate your pictures, view them in a slide show or have a thumbnail preview.

The YES DPF900 is available at the price of Rs. 6990.