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iDiamond Ear Phones – Shine On

iDiamond Ear Phones The phones have become used to wearing the jewel suit, after the Diamond studded iPhone and the Nokia 8800 Diamond Edition phones, even the accessories did not want to be left behind. The iDiamond Ear Phones show off their shine with diamonds placed intricately on the small base.

Designed by Thomas Heyerdahl, the iDiamond Ear Phones is one of the first accessories to bear precious metal and stones. The iDiamond Ear Phones flashes off its white gold metal structure which is treated with 204 diamonds. There are no special specifications of the earphone mentioned.

The earphones resemble an ear-ring and present themselves in style and shining armor. Only 1000 of these exquisite iDiamond earphone pieces will be manufactured which will suit the rich ones at a price of $6400.

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