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ICE xPC is as small as a smartphone and can be used as a tablet, notebook and desktop

For a few years now, OEMs have been hard at work to derive a single solution that can deliver multiple capabilities. From convertible laptops to smartphones that can be docked into tablets to modular devices, there’s no shortage of innovation. The ICE xPC is the latest piece of hardware bold enough to venture down this road where many have tried, but only few have succeeded.


The ICE xPC is as big as a conventional smartphone and it can serve the purpose of being a tablet, desktop computer and even a notebook. Featuring a stylish design that weighs less than 100 grams, the device can be conveniently carried around and hooked up to different peripherals. For instance, you can utilize it as a tablet by sliding it into the xPad display dock.

A keyboard extension can also be added for a notebook experience. When at home or at the office, the xAdapter or xTop can be used to hook the device up to an external HDTV or monitor via HDMI and they also provide extended peripheral support via USB ports and more. According to company, the ICE xPC is capable of running various desktop-class applications and games. Additionally, it’s designed based on an open architecture which allows developers to create their own dock modules for other purposes.

Different Docks

Let’s take a look at the specifications:

– Windows 8
– Intel Bay Trail Atom quad core processor
– 2GB or 4GB of RAM
– Options of 32GB or 128GB storage
– A 720p camera
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity
– Accelerometer and Gyro sensors

The company notes that the ICE xPC can also run Android and in the future, a smartphone version of it is also possible, but not until 2015. The modular computer is up on Indiegogo and needs to gather a total of $300,000 in 22 days to receive funding. You can order the mini-PC for as low as $259 without any OS or #369 with Windows 8 and Office 13 preloaded. Various accessories and docks are also available.