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iBuyPower Erebus GT unleashes its overclocking abilities at CES 2012

iBuyPower Erebus GT

Built to expand the original Erebus series, the iBuyPower Erebus GT rig brings in various new features to enrich players’ gaming experience through its improved cooling and overclocking abilities. For better performance, CPU frequencies may be cranked all the way up to 30%, whilst the liquid cooling system maintains stability by cutting down the heat.

Bearing a host of new components, this second generation rig comprises of an aluminum top panel and removable HDD cages, accompanied by mounted fans to enhance the airflow. Besides these, the CPU is designed to encourage unidirectional circulation of air for assisting the cooling system in maintaining a 2,500W rate of heat dissipation, whilst the three 140mm radiators as well as the 13mm high-flow tubing pump out 4.5 gallons of cooling liquid every minute.

iBuyPower Erebus GT

“The Erebus was an incredibly successful system, however we pay close attention to customer feedback and knew we could improve on the original design,” commented Darren Su, Executive Vice President of iBuyPower. “As requested, we were able to reduce both the size and price of the system without significantly impacting performance. The slightly smaller Erebus GT is every bit the equal of the larger first generation model, armed with unmatched cooling capabilities and designed to be overclocked.”

Although this computer bears a similar steel and aluminum body when compared to earlier models, it has been redesigned with a smaller and more compact form factor. In addition to this, the rig houses a built-in reservoir and a top fill port that’s located on top along with transparent fins. Users can check the liquid quantity through the front panel.

The iBuyPower Erebus GT release date and price details have not disclosed by the company just as yet.