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IBM, MediaTek join hands to develop Ultra-fast Wireless Chipsets

IBM, MediaTek Ultra-fast Wireless Chipset IBM and MediaTek have jointly announced an initiative to develop ultra-fast chipsets that have the ability to wirelessly transmit a full-length high-definition movie to and from a PC, handheld device, retail kiosk or TV set extremely fast.

This new technology when it becomes commercially viable will allow consumers to get rid of troublesome wire tangles that usually occur these days when one connects their HDTV to set-top boxes. Moreover, transmitting devices will be able to be placed anywhere that is convenient.

Both IBM and MediaTek will combine their expertise in millimeter wave radio technology. This technology happens to be the highest frequency portion of the radio spectrum where massive amounts of information can be sent quickly at around 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi standards. Digital chipsets will also be used to create revolutionary multimedia wireless products.

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For instance, one will be able to upload a 10GB file in five seconds using IBM’s and MediaTek’s latest mmWave wireless technology instead of Wi-Fi which takes around 10 minutes for data transfers.

According to Dr. T.C. Chen, vice president, Science & Technology, IBM Research, “This collaborative effort will enable consumers to wirelessly transfer large multimedia data files around their home and/ or offices in seconds. This will enable a world where you can have your entertainment when you want and where you want it.”

A spokesperson of MediaTek, Mingto Yu said, “MediaTek has constantly provided its customers with the most advanced features and capabilities to enable the best communication as well as entertainment experience. This joint effort has made it possible to take advantage of millimeter wave (mmWave) radio technology.”

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Together MediaTek and IBM will collaborate to integrate IBM’s new mmWave radio chips, antenna and package technology with MediaTek’s expertise and skills in digital baseband and video processing chips. IBM will also leverage MediaTek’s influence in the consumer electronics market.

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