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Humans Responsible for Global Warming: Study

Humans contribute to Global Warming

From years, it has been said that the main reason for global warming are humans. Now a new statistical analysis substantiates evidence that human activities are causing the world temperatures to rise. The study was done by physicist Pablo F. Verdes of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences in Germany.

Usually climate change scientists reproduce Earth systems from the ground up, trying to account for all climate driving forces. But small changes in these models can lead to a broad range of outcomes. This invited debate to the actual causes of climate change. But Verdes managed to steer clear of the skewed flaws of climate models by applying sophisticated analysis techniques to data from the past hundred and fifty years. This mathematical approach brings together known facts about the global climate into a more objective and logical picture.

He basically examined data on temperature anomalies, the strength of the radiation emitted from the Sun and volcanic activity. Reduced volcanic activity along with relatively recent increases in solar radiation adds to the increase in world temperatures. Nevertheless, the physicist’s analysis reveals that these natural causes do not completely explain the observed warming. He calculated the amount of non-natural influence necessary to match the raise in temperature observed in the last 150 years and plotted this influence over time, later comparing it to the evolution of greenhouse gasses, taking into account the cooling due to aerosols.

Pablo F. Verdes was astonished! It reinforced that influences attributable to greenhouse gasses reflect the graph of non-natural influence needed to clarify the observed temperature increase of recent decades.

Imagine the issue of global warming as a jigsaw puzzle. Natural factors such as increased solar radiation and reduced volcanic activity made some parts of this puzzle, but then there were some holes remaining. So if you want to complete this jigsaw puzzle, you know which ones will fill it. Yes, you are right; the human factors of greenhouse gas and aerosol emission finish the whole puzzle.