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Hulu video player for web updated with 10-sec rewind and more

Hulu Video Player

The updated Hulu video player for web now brings some new attributes and if its developers are to be believed, a seamless, chromeless and friendly interface. Apart from a 10-sec rewind function, it has a feature that lets users know about the time left for a video to get over when it is paused, reveals the official Hulu blog.

The player even sends reminders about what users were watching if they pause a video, besides informing them about the length. It works towards enhancing the experience by emphasizing more on people’s favorite shows. The new Hulu player also facilitates browsing through other videos in it, while streaming content, thanks to the ‘Up Next’ feature.

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“We’ve been sweating the details so that you can enjoy this summer relaxing with your favorite show as you fire up that grill in the backyard. The new 10-second rewind, for example, allows you to quickly jump back and re-watch punchlines until you’ve got ‘em memorized. And when you pause the player to save your burgers from getting burnt to a crisp, we remind you of what you were watching and how much time is left to watch,” reads a post by Michelle Koh on the official Hulu blog.

Settings like closed captions, lower lights and pop-out player amongst others have been positioned on the same spot to ensure easier access. After the end of every video, the service even recommends similar ones and allows subscribers to choose what they wish to view. Additionally, it automatically selects a video quality that suits the user’s bandwidth.

The updated Hulu video player for web has already gone live.

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