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Fix Aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Error In 2 Minutes!

Minecraft Dungeons Https aka.ms/remoteconnect not working is something that has been annoying those who play Minecraft for quite some time now.

It’s an essential service for experiencing Minecraft in multiplayer form, which is how it’s best played.

In case you’re new to it, https aka.ms remoteconnect allows you to connect with other Minecraft players.

And it also makes it easy for users to play Minecraft on different platforms. These include the Sony PS4, the Nintendo Switch console, Windows PC, Microsoft Xbox, and smartphones.

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What Is aka.ms/remoteconnect?

Aka MS Remoteconnect Signin Microsoft account aka ms remoteconnect happens to be the service that enables users to play Minecraft with their friends without any hassle.

Connecting the game to your Microsoft account allows the option of Minecraft crossplay between PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles.

This means if you use a Microsoft account to sign in to your game, then you can cross play with your friend on Xbox or PS4 even if you are using a PC.

What Is https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Error For Minecraft?

Some users are faced with a remote connect error when they try to log in for the first time or are using the same account to play on various gaming consoles like the Xbox One or the PS4.

It usually occurs when Minecraft isn’t able to verify your device and the game data. But there are plenty of other reasons why it could be occurring.

It is most common in the PS4 Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, but is known to appear in other versions.

Why Does The Error Occur?

As we said, https //aka.ms/remoteconnect is a verification error.

It appears when the Minecraft can’t communicate with the server and grab your information from platforms like the PS4, Xbox One, or the Nintendo Switch.

One of the most common reasons for the issue is a public or shared Wi-Fi connection. Secure Wi-Fi connections are hence recommended.

It could also appear when your Microsoft Live account is having trouble accessing servers.

Another reason for could be missing files and applications owing to proxy settings.

It could even occur when an anti-virus program is blocking Internet Explorer from accessing the secure site.

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How To Fix ‘https aka.ms/remoteconnect Not Working’ Issue?

There are several ways to fix the error on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

We’ve created a list of them ranked from the methods that are most likely to work to those that are less likely to work, though you might find that any one of the solutions listed might serve as the best way to solve the issue.

Go through all of them in order if your problem continues to persist.

Let us show you what these methods are:

# Solution 1:

Microsoft Sign In Code: https //aka.ms/remoteconnect

Enter The Code For Sign-In From The Official Site

This process involves entering a Minecraft code for account verification.

Those who have a fresh Microsoft account have to try it a number of times in order to start playing Minecraft.

All you need to do is follow the steps given below to solve the problem:

  • Launch Minecraft and click on the Sign in with a Microsoft account button.
  • A code will then appear on the screen. Write it down somewhere for use in the next couple of steps.
  • In a browser, visit the site https://aka.ms/remoteconnect to enter the code.
  • Enter the Minecraft code from the website and click Next.
  • You can now log in with your own Microsoft Live account credentials or create a new one.
  • The website should verify the code and let you play the game without any error this time.

# Solution 2:

Delete Saved And Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted game data is one of the most likely reasons for the remoteconnect error and it can be solved by deleting certain files.

Here’s how you can delete Minecraft saved and corrupted game files:

  • Run Minecraft
  • Enter the Settings menu and select System Settings.
  • In the next menu, select the Storage option.
  • Next, in the Game Storage, you will see all the game data.
  • Click on the garbage can icon to delete all the corrupted and unwanted game data from the Minecraft storage.

# Solution 3:

Microsoft Account

Create A New Microsoft Account

If the two above-mentioned methods haven’t worked for you, it is time to switch to a new Microsoft Live account to play the game on your PS4, Switch, or any other platform.

It’s pretty simple to do so and doesn’t take much time.

And who knows, this effortless step could finally help you get rid of the error.

Just go to the website, https://account.microsoft.com/ and follow the steps to create a new Microsoft account and start using it on Minecraft.

# Solution 4:

Deauthorize Other Devices From Your Active Microsoft Account

You’ve probably used your Microsoft account on one too many devices and that could also lead to the aka.ms remoteconnect error message.

This method involves removing unwanted devices from your account that could be causing issues with the connectivity:

  • Head over to the Microsoft website, microsoft.com/devices.
  • Sign in by entering your password and choose the device you want to remove.
  • Select the Show Details option on the website to view the information related to that device.
  • Under the device’s name, you can now click on Manage to see more details.
  • Here, click on the Remove button to have that device disassociated from your Microsoft account.

# Solution 5:

Solve Minecraft Crossplay Remoteconnect Issues

This method assumes that the RemoteConnect issue is arising because of crossplay problems between Xbox and PlayStation consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4.

If so, we’re giving you methods to solve problems with the Minecraft crossplay feature on both the Minecraft console families.

For PlayStation Consoles:

  • Once installed, sign into your Minecraft account via your Microsoft account.
  • A code will now appear on the screen that will allow you to access remote play features.
  • Now, visit the remote connect page from the device where you want the features enabled and enter the access code.

For Xbox Consoles:

  • Log into your Microsoft account from an Xbox console.
  • Go to the Xbox browser and visit the website, https://aka.ms/xboxsetup.
  • You will now get a code that will enable Minecraft remote connect features.
  • On your device of choice, go to the website, https://aka.ms/remoteconnect and sign in using your account.
  • Enter the access code that was displayed earlier.

At least one of these five methods should definitely solve the problem when you want to setup Minecraft cross play.

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Q. Why Can’t I See A Verification Code On My console?

This can usually happen when your device is not connected to the Internet.

Check the wireless connection on your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or whatever console you are using and try again, and this time you should indeed see a verification code on it.

You can now easily enter the code in the relevant field.

Q. Is The aka.ms/remoteconnect Website Safe To Use?

Yes, the site is completely safe to use.

It is an official website from the Microsoft account itself and features a secure connection to Microsoft account servers, no matter if you’re accessing it via the PS4, the Xbox One, or the Nintendo Switch.

Q. Is A Microsoft Account Necessary To Play Minecraft?

Not really. If you wish to play Minecraft game in single-player mode, you can enjoy the game without a Microsoft account.

Although, if you wish to play the multiplayer mode on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, or the Nintendo Switch, where all the fun lies, you will indeed need the Microsoft account for support authorization and identification on servers.


As annoying as the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error is, you can take care of it by going through the solutions we’ve listed in this article and finding out exactly what’s causing the error on your device.

So take your time and follow all the steps carefully to play Minecraft without any hiccups.