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HTC RE camera is a nice idea which needs more realization, coming next month

Since long, the GoPro has been the go-to device for action camera enthusiasts and while there has been no shortage of competitors for said gadget, HTC now wants to enter the list as well with its new RE camera. This piece of hardware priced at $200, can click pictures and shoot high-quality footage with the components out of which it’s built.

Looking at its shape, it’s hard to judge why HTC has molded it to look like a tiny periscope or an asthma inhaler, but it certainly brings some freshness to the table in terms of design. There are two buttons present on the RE, but none of them happen to be a power switch.

HTC RE Camera

Yes, while one button acts as a shutter trigger and the other a slow-motion toggle (time-lapse support also present), the power switch has been abandoned in favor of sensors which automatically notice that you’re holding the device and switch it on. Going into the components department, this gadget houses inside it a 146-degree lens and a 16MP sensor which can offer 1080p full HD output at 30fps.

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Powering this HTC device is a 920mAh power pack that can keep it going for 1200 photos or 100 minutes of video. As far as connectivity goes, it can sync with your Android or iOS devices via Wi-Fi to quickly display its output on their screens. There’s 8GB of storage onboard, which can be expanded further up to 128GB.

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The RE camera can be used with standard tripods, while a variety of accessories like a handle mount, a suction mount, a head mount, a strap and more will also be sold by its maker. The fact that there’s no 4K compatibility might put many off, but the company says that the product marks the start of a series, so better variants can be expected in the future.

Americans will be the first ones to get the HTC RE, as it’s supposed to hit the nation in November, with its price tagged at $200.