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HTC Volantis leaked running ambitious Android Silver OS

New information on the HTC Volantis tablet has surfaced suggesting that the slate might come with even beefier specifications than before. And while everyone’s speculating about the device being part of the Nexus lineup, Google might have other plans for the device.

If the macro image of the HTC Volantis from @evleaks is authentic, then we might be looking at the first tablet in the Android Silver program. The picture embedded below shows the word Flounder on the left which is the internal codename for the device in question. And to the right, you can see Android Silver OS Alpha 1.3 written. So the question here is – Will there be a Nexus 8 or 9?

HTC Volantis

Google has already confirmed that it plans to continue investing in the Nexus program and that a new device would be launched with every OS release. So, you can expect new additions to the pure Android lineup. Back to the device in question, @evleaks has also managed to get more info on the specs of the upcoming HTC slate.

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The tablet is being tested with the Tegra K1 and Snapdragon 810 chipsets, both 64-bit enabled. Also, there’s 5GB of DDR3 RAM onboard, but that hasn’t been finalized. As previously rumored, the display size will be 8.9 inches. And while the final resolution is said to be 2650 x 1600p, the device sports a 1680 x 1050p screen for now. Design-wise, HTC is going for a silver aluminum unibody construction.

Nexus 9

Here’s a roundup of the HTC Volantis’ specs:

– 8.9-inch 2650 x 1600p display (1680 x 1050p in testing)
-Dual core Tegra K1 64-bit processor (Snapdragon 810 in testing)
-5GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB internal storage
-8MP rear camera (5MP in testing)
-BoomSound speakers

If the HTC Volantis is really part of the Android Silver program, then it might get launched early 2015 and not by the end of this year.