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HTC teases ‘unexpected surprise’ on March 20, possibly HTC 11

HTC Teaser

HTC’s got something special up its sleeve for March 20, teasing a new product on its Taiwanese Facebook page. The post has the words ‘Spring is coming’ surrounded by a thick foliage of leaves.

The image is accompanied by a description which translates to ‘For the spring shopping festival, HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.’ The hints don’t really offer much to go on. Many believe that the brand is planning to launch the HTC 11.

That would certainly be a surprise considering a flagship smartphone like the HTC 11 would probably get a much bigger campaign to announce its arrival. There’s also the fact that March 20 is only a few days away and there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding an event or livestream.

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One point in favor of the HTC 11’s unveiling is that its predecessor came out in April 2016 and hit stores in May. The timeline matches up roughly and is in keeping with its Spring-focused teaser. Launching its flagship on March 20 would also allow the company to get ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is coming out on March 29.

Some say that the brand might just bring the One X10 or HTC Ocean to light instead. The handsets have been the subject of much speculation over the past few months. The former was expected to be announced alongside the U Ultra and U Play. When this didn’t happen, reports shifted the device’s release date to the MWC 2017.

This didn’t happen either, leaving the fate of the One X10 up in the air. It’s possible that HTC may not release a phone at all. Officials recently spoke about a mysterious mobile VR device that would complement the U Ultra just last month.