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HTC P3470 PDA Phone unveiled in India

HTC P3470 PDA Phone HTC has introduced its new HTC P3470 PDA phone in India. The new phone features a lightweight design, large screen, navigation wheel and macro lens. GPS functionality is also added in the latest handset.

The HTC P3470 further boasts an easy-to-use interface for accessing web pages, documents, messages, contact lists etc. The handset is powered by Windows Mobile 6 operating system and also allows users to work with Microsoft office.

The PDA phone from HTC further features a 2.8 inch high-resolution LCD touch-sensitive screen.

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Other features of the HTC P3470 phone include:

  • Navigation software for finding optimum route to destinations
  • Photo album supporting photo zooming in, zooming out, rotating and panning
  • The smart navigation wheel to navigate through applications, zoom and scroll with ease
  • Display information instantly with Live HTC Home for a full view of user’s day’s events and quick application launch, to access user’s favourite programs
  • WorldCard Mobile for quickly scanning business cards
  • “The GPS enabled HTC P3470 integrates great form factors into an innovative and high-powered phone and aims to take location-based experiences to the next level,” said Ajay Sharma, Country Manager, HTC India. “We are very pleased to announce this addition to our product portfolio, continuing our commitment to usher in powerful and feature rich mobile devices to the Indian market.”

    The HTC P3470 is now available in the Indian market at the price of Rs. 19,900.

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