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‘HR-2800’ – the New MP4 Player unveiled by KNC

KNC 'HR-2800' KNC has launched ‘HR-2800’, the MP4 Player in the Chinese market. The service offered by the player include: movie, music, game, image viewer, photo, video file.

HR-2800 can be connected into TV to play all kinds of contents such as video file, movie bookmark equipped with 3.6′ 1600 mega-pixel LTPS screen.

It supports MP3 format, conjecture, FLAC, AVI, DIVX, MPEG4, XVID, JPG, GIF and BMP.

In case you’re looking to get your retro game on, the unit apparently sports an NES / GBA emulator, It has 1GB of internal storage power source is embedded lithium batteries. And jus incase you feel that that isn’t enough; you can add the space you need via its SD slot.

No definite word on price and when it will be available is out yet. However it seems it is priced at an unbelievable CNY999 ($127)…now that’s a little too good to be true.