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HP’s new Spectre 13.3 laptop is the thinnest in the world

HP Spectre 13.3

The new HP Spectre 13.3 laptop is indeed a sight to behold, owing mainly to its design. This piece of machinery is claiming to be the world’s thinnest laptop, and it seems as though the company hasn’t had to make major compromises to make this happen.

When we say that, we obviously compare the Spectre 13.3 with the new MacBook. While the HP offering happens to be just 10.4mm thin, Apple’s latest laptop stands at 13.1mm. Despite it being thinner than the MacBook, this device has still grabbed features that aren’t part of Apple’s laptop.

These include a total of three USB Type-C connectors, among which two even support Thunderbolt. As opposed to this, the MacBook only offers one single Type-C port that cannot be used while the device is being charged. The Spectre 13.3 can be bought with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and up to 512GB of SSD storage.

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The RAM on this HP machine cannot go beyond 8GB though. As its name suggests, there is a 13.3-inch screen present on it, offering visuals in 1080p full HD resolution. As for the battery, it promises 9.5 hours of backup on a single charge which is again impressive.

HP Spectre 13.3 Variants

You can see in the images that the Spectre 13.3 comes with a fresh piston hinge design. And apart from the base model, two other limited edition variants of it exist as well. While one of them grabs a floral design and features 18K gold with embedded Swarovski crystals, the other one just has 18K gold but a lot of it.

The base HP Spectre 13.3 model will be made available for pre-order from April 25 onwards in the United States at $1170. As for the limited edition variants, they will be auctioned off during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, with their proceeds going to charity.