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HP Z1 Workstation snaps open for easy upgrades without the use of tools

HP Z1 Workstation 01

The HP Z1 Workstation, which is expected to launch in a couple of months, enables potential users to seamlessly make upgrades by swapping parts without employing any tool. It further incorporates a 27-inch white LED display that supports over 1 billion colors and spans across a 178-degree viewing angle while featuring an in-plane switching panel.

Sporting a slim industrial appearance, the latest entrant includes professional Nvidia Quadro graphics and quad-core Intel Xeon processors as well as a complete range of workstation-class processors and graphics cards. With components like these in place, this offering seems like an ideal companion for entertainment and digital media professionals. The company also reveals that the PC can work with the very latest industry applications.

The HP Z1 accommodates independent software vendor solutions, ECC memory and quiet acoustics. As mentioned earlier, tech enthusiasts can perform various alterations as far as hardware is concerned. They can add a hard drive, access graphics cards and even upgrade the memory. All this is made possible by simply snapping open the chassis of the HP workstation.

HP Z1 Workstation 02

Professionals are further spoiled for choice as they are offered a plethora of storage options that include the 7.2K and 10K SATA, optional RAID configurations, SSD, a multiformat media card reader, removable drives and optical drives like a slot-load Blu-ray writer. Other components featured here include an HD camera, front-facing dual-cone speakers supported by SRS Premium sound, HP Remote graphics software and the HP Performance Advisor.

The company has also disclosed the HP Z1 Workstation price and availability details. The entrant can be picked up for a starting price of $1899 in the U.S. and it is expected to release all across the globe in April.