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HP Open webOS brings forth Isis browser, QtWebKit extensions and more

HP Isis Enyo Logos

HP has revealed its Open webOS commitments for the month of February which comprise of the Isis browser release along with extensions to the QtWebKit. It also covers their governance model and integration with JavaScript core, and UI Enyo widgets which are scheduled to be out by the end of this month. The newly revealed offerings enable developers to formulate an intuitive user environment for building on any sort of web option.

QtWebKit claims to provide a fast platform for apps and Enyo while delivering standards-compliance and speed. Powering the next generation experience for webOS, it is also noted to be the epitome of amalgamation between the underlying System Manager and the web rendering layer of webOS. Furthermore, the former is expected to be open sourced sometime later this year, as revealed by HP.

“QtWebKit (a.k.a. “Cute” WebKit) was originally open sourced by Nokia. We have been in the process of moving webOS to this port of WebKit for some time, with a goal of increasing web site compatibility and overall performance. Today we are ready to release the first part of this effort to the open source community-the Isis web browser,” revealed Fred Patton, editor-in-chief, HP webOS developer portal.

When the company benchmarked the latest Isis webOS browser, they came to the conclusion that it was quite responsive, especially when pitted against other such options offered up to the public. It further features a JavaScript execution profile and boasts of a fast render pipeline while being widely supportive of CSS3 and HTML5.

Besides the aforementioned components, HP has also reinforced support for Adobe Flash as well as other Netscape Plug-in API plugins for working well in non-X11 environments. According to the HP webOS developer blog, the company further adds that they will put forth a wholesome browsing experience for mobile gadgets and other such devices.