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How Vape Mods Work

vape-mod Vape mods, also referred to as vaporizer pens or pen-style vapes are a popular choice for most vapers. Regardless of your experience level or vape preferences, odds are there’s always a perfect vape mod for you. But the question is, how do you go about choosing a quality device that’ll suit your specific needs? Well, this article has rounded up a comprehensive guide that covers all the vape mod basics, giving you a crash course regarding these widely-used devices.

Understanding the Basics

A vape mod is typically a pen-shaped vaporizer device that’s compact, cylindrical, and highly portable. Even more, it’s ideal for on-the-go vaping and this is particularly made possible by its slim shape which often resembles a regular pen or a large cigar. Vaporizer pens are considered their own category, different from the basic e-cigs or the large box-like vape mods.

The overall design plus features of a vape mod can significantly vary from one model to another. They range from highly simplistic gadgets crafted for vaping newbies to the high-performing options for vaping veterans.

Most often, a vape mod is paired with your favorite e-juice, with it’s heating element warming up the liquid to vaporization. And this is the point where the deliciously flavorful vapor cloud is ready for vaping.

The Main Parts of A  Vaping Device

Whilst every vape mod might be quite different depending on its brand and design, most of them share similar components.


Like any other electronic device, vape mods use batteries to run. They’re typically powered by lithium-ion batteries, and there are numerous options available out there. When browsing vape mods, you’ll often come across batteries assigned a specific value labeled with the mAh unit, which is a scientific representation of their capacity. The value is obtained by multiplying the battery’s discharge current by its average lifespan.

The bigger the battery, the longer the vape time you’ll enjoy before needing to recharge it. Depending on your vape frequency and style, your vape battery can actually last all day. It isn’t also a bad idea to keep an extra battery at all times. Besides, you should also consider tossing away damaged batteries for your own safety.


Most vape mods utilize a tank to hold the e-liquid. But numerous designs are now using refillable as well as disposable cartridges. The tanks are typically constructed from glass, polycarbonate plastic, or stainless steel, and most of them feature an e-liquid viewing window which helps you to effectively monitor the juice levels.

Purchasing a vape mod that’s part of the starter kit will ensure that you get a tank that’s specifically designed to match the device. Remember, it isn’t easy pairing any tank with any vape mod, thus pay close attention to compatibility when shopping around for parts separately.


This is the vape mod’s heating elements that are commonly utilized for heating the e-liquid to vaporization. Featuring an extensive range of coil structures, the atomizer is key to your overall vape experience. Various coil materials and designs produce different results, with certain styles crafted to optimize cloud production and intensify vapor flavor.


With the escalating need for CBD-based products benefits, more sophisticated vape mod designs have now been introduced into the market. These powerful devices are now available in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs. But first, you’ll need to understand the basics before making a huge purchase.