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How To Use WiseStamp’s Email Signature Generator To Boost Your Brand Awareness And Recognition

wisestamp      When designed right, your email signatures can help you create awareness and recognition around your business.

However, creating compelling email signatures can mean more work on top of your email marketing tasks.

The good news is that you can use a reliable tool to create and design email signatures easily with the email signature generator by WiseStamp.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can use the tool to support your efforts to raise brand awareness and recognition.

1. Create custom and on-brand templates

An excellent way to leverage your email signature to help drive brand awareness is to ensure it follows your branding guidelines, aligns with your branding efforts, and maintains consistency.

Your email signature should include your essential branding elements, such as your colors, logo, key icons, and fonts.

Use the Wisestamp email signature generator’s editor to create your banner, image, and template designs. You can also fully customize your image’s shape, position, and size.

Creating a template is a great way to ensure your email signature design follows your branding guidelines to a tee, supporting your initiatives to create awareness around your brand.

Make your template, and Wisestamp can help you implement the design into your email signature by coding your template to work with the system.

If you have a custom, handwritten digital signature or text you want to include, use Wisestamp’s Free Signature Generator.

The screenshot below is an example of incorporating your custom signature or text in your email signature.

custom signature

2. Add CTAs inviting recipients to know more about your brand

There’s only so much information about your brand you can include in your email signature.

After all, you can’t exactly include a whole web page’s worth of content in your email signature.

The solution? Include Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that invite your recipients to click and learn more about your brand.

Wisestamp’s email signature generator lets you add compelling CTA buttons to your email signature to entice people into engaging and acting on your offers.

For example, include a CTA button that leads your contacts to your landing page. It could also be a dedicated page that tells your readers more about your brand and value proposition.

Wisestamp offers several CTAs options, including online payments, an online scheduler, a download app, join webinar, and custom buttons (among others).

cta options

3. Include social media icons to connect with your contacts better

Email marketing is great for introducing and letting more people know about your brand and, in turn, fostering and building customer relationships.

Take this to the next level by leading people to your brand’s social media pages, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Include social media clickable icons and links in your email signature. It’s an excellent way to get people to connect with you in a more casual way.

Plus, most people spend an average of two hours and twenty-seven minutes on social media daily. You’ll get more chances to engage your prospects on social channels, and you can interact with them in real time.

Wisestamp’s social media add-ons and features can help make your email signature the simplest way for your contacts to connect with your brand.

The tool lets you:

  • Choose from over 40 social media icons. You can also upload your own icons if the specific social media icon isn’t available.
  • Connect to your YouTube playlist or video or Instagram account to highlight your latest or best content. For example, you can link to an explainer video about your brand.
  • Customize the social media icons by modifying the shape and size, style and shading, and colors.

You can also add custom buttons with messaging to help you drive connections on social media and amplify your efforts to raise brand awareness and recognition.

social media icons

4. Integrate with email platforms easily

It takes time and effort to copy and paste your email signature graphics from another platform into your emails.

The design formats can also look different after pasting, such as icons and texts becoming misaligned or the images changing orientation and sizing.

Wisestamp’s email signature generator eliminates this challenge by integrating with major email platforms, including Outlook services, iPhone, Mac Mail, and Google accounts.

You won’t need to copy and paste your branded email signatures manually, ensuring your design stays intact.

Wisestamp can also work with other platforms, letting you add your email signature in a few clicks across popular email providers.

Design your branded, professional signature with the email signature generator. Then, copy the HTML code and paste it to your email program’s signature setting.

Select the signature you want to add to your email, click the Update signatures button, choose the HTML option, and click the Grab signature button to copy the raw HTML code and paste it accordingly.

grab signature

Additional tip: Centralize email signature management

Maintaining consistency is crucial to driving brand awareness and recognition effectively.

That being said, you need to ensure consistency across your marketing email’s branding elements, from your logo to your email signature.

Simplify your efforts to maintain consistency across your email’s branding elements with Wisestamp’s easy-to-use signature manager.

Use Wisestamp’s email signature generator to create email signatures easily. Then, leverage the tool’s email signature management system to ensure that only professional, unified, and on-brand signatures are sent from your email’s domain.

You’ll get full control and manage your company’s email signatures on one platform.

You can include (or exclude) specific users, add and activate new users (employees), and perform other email signature management tasks with ease.

email signature

It also offers an advanced segmentation feature to create and use multiple signatures per group or department.

Edit and control the signatures using the email signature generator’s user-friendly editor. You can also allow users to edit their signatures and set specific user permissions.

Wisestamp’s email signature generator and management features streamline creating and managing your company email signatures while ensuring they remain true to and consistent with your brand and voice.

Leverage your email signature for branding

Take your email signatures to the next level by designing them to help support your efforts to boost your brand awareness and recognition.