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How to unlock iPhone when you forget your iPhone password


Forgot iPhone password? Well, we can’t blame you. After all, there are two kinds of iPhone users. The first kind uses the most obvious password for locking their device; their birthdate or the plain old ‘55555’ most of the time. But then there are the ones who take their security too seriously and enter complicated codes as passwords, while even changing them from time to time. It’s these folks who usually end up getting locked out of their iPhones because of a forgotten password. So today, if you’re here to know exactly how to unlock iPhone if its password is lost to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Fone

How to unlock iPhone without password using third party software

iPhone Unlock

If you forgot iPhone password, the most efficient way to recover your device is by using a third-party program like Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock. With full compatibility with all iPhones, this software allows you to easily unlock the iPhone lock screen using a few clicks. Once you download and install the program, it will display on its interface a bevy of things this it’s capable of doing. We’re interested in the ‘Screen Unlock’ section though. You now need to connect the iPhone to your computer using your Lightning cable. On the computer screen, will now pop three options, among which, you need to pick ‘Unlock iOS Screen.’

Now it’s time to go back to the iPhone disabled by you. You have to turn it off and press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. Release the buttons when the screen flashes the message, ‘Connect to iTunes.’ On the computer screen, you will see that the device is recognized, with its model name and software version identified correctly. You just need to confirm it and click the ‘Unlock Now’ button, and Dr.Fone will do the rest. Note that while performing your iPhone password reset, all the data on it will also be erased, and you will have the device in the same state as it arrived in the box. That’s your complete guide to how to reset iPhone password using a third party program.

Dr. Fone Unlock

Dr.Fone is a really straightforward and simple tool to recover your locked iPhone. It solves your problem in mere minutes and is hence the perfect solution for such a predicament. It’s compatible with all models of the iPhone and the iPad, and of course, supports iOS 13. This program moreover, works on Windows as well as Mac machines.

How to unlock iPhone without passcode using Find My Phone

Find My iPhone

Whether you forgot iPhone password or forgot iPad password, the Find My Phone feature in these Apple products also helps you get them in their original state. For this, you will need to sign into your iCloud account using a browser. Among all the options available on this website, select the ‘Find My Phone’ option, and choose the device you wish to unlock. You can now click on the ‘Erase Phone’ button that pops up after that, to erase everything on the iPhone, including the password to successfully complete the iPhone password reset.

How to unlock iPhone without password using iTunes


When your iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes and you can successfully recover it without much effort. First, you need to find a computer on which iTunes is installed. Or you can download it right away. Once it’s ready to go, you can run it and connect your iPhone to the computer using its Lightning cable. On the opening screen of the software itself, you’ll find a big ‘Restore iPhone’ button. Upon hitting it, the program will ask for a confirmation, and then deliver a completely restored iPhone to you that won’t ask you for a password.

How to unlock iPhone without passcode using Siri
Now, this is a hard shot, as it was a glitch that has been solved by Apple now. However, if you happen to somehow have an iPhone that’s on software versions 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 for some reason, you’re in luck. You can use this neat little trick to recover your iPhone without losing any data on it. You need to start by pressing the Home button to activate Siri. You now need to ask the digital assistant what time it is. This will prompt it to not only show you the time but also display a clock icon. You can tap on it to open the Clock app. This will take you to the World Clock section, where there’s a list of tunes that can be selected for your alarm. From here, if you keep going back, you will realize that you are inside an unlocked iPhone now, with all your data completely unharmed. However, as we said, it’s a vulnerability that has been patched a long time ago, so this method will only work if your device happens to be on the above-mentioned software versions.

Those are all the methods you need in order to know how to unlock your iPhone when you’ve forgotten its password.