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How to unlock iPhone: A simple guide for Vodafone customers

iPhone 12 5G Models Several highly-anticipated devices have seen release dates come and go in recent months, even during an unprecedented period of global disruption smartphone sales are booming. Of all these devices, perhaps the most anticipated of the devices was the latest iPhone release from Californian tech giant Apple. Released in several formats, all featuring refreshed aesthetics and improved camera functionality, both analysts and CEO Tim Cook are optimistic about global sales outpacing previous models by some distance. Despite omitting both earphones and a charging plug, eager early adopters appear keen to snap up the new smartphone.

Though the trend previously had been for smartphone users to upgrade more frequently than ever before, in recent years the refresh cycle has been slowly growing, meaning customers are keeping their handsets a little longer. With that being said there remains a growing second-hand market consisting of savvy consumers well aware that even second-hand smartphones are capable of a great deal more than their predecessors and almost as much as their replacements. This growing second-hand market is great for those keen to upgrade as it allows them to recoup money for their device which in turn contributes toward the purchase of their next device.

Vodafone Group is the world’s second-largest mobile phone company, in the UK alone the company boasts over 18 million subscribers, making it the third-largest mobile provider in the country. Many of those smartphone owners wanting to sell their device in the second-hand market will be Vodafone users. Though they may be happy with Vodafone’s coverage, when it comes to selling your device is locked to their network can bring about unforeseen problems for both potential buyers and you.

Why you should unlock your iPhone

The second-hand smartphone market is growing increasingly more competitive, as the volume of users trading in devices increases, the choice available to prospective buyers grows. Buyers, both personal and those companies offering to recycle, are well aware of the restrictions of a locked device (outlined below) and thus are far keener to purchase unlocked devices.

More than ever before people are travelling frequently, whether in a personal or professional capacity it’s easier than ever before to travel the world and more of us are opting to do so. Locked devices are a nightmare for travellers, whether you travel once a year or a dozen times. Roaming charges are extortionate charges imposed by networks on users with locked devices where they wish to continue using their smartphone abroad. If your device is locked there is really no way around this. However, if your device is unlocked, all you have to do is find a local store wherever it is you’re travelling to, purchase a SIM loaded with data from a local provider, swap this SIM with your UK sim and you can continue to use your device as normal. This simple but effective option is alluring to all device users.

The lack of flexibility afforded to users with locked devices is not just limited to those travelling. There is a growing market for superb value SIM-only deals, whether you’ve paid off your device or not, swapping your network usage can save you a ton of money every month. All you have to do to make the most of it and allow prospective buyers to get the most out of your device when buying it is unlock your device, it’s that simple. As soon as you do this you can swap your existing SIM with one offering unlimited data for as little as £10 per month.

Because of this, not only do unlocked devices sell for around 20-30% more than locked devices in the second-hand smartphone they also sell much quicker and are worth more when recycled with large recycling companies. In an ever more competitive market, a simple unlock offers significant returns.

How to unlock iPhone handsets

Searching Google can be unhelpful at the best of time when it comes to unlocking your phone some funky options ought to be avoided. To make it simple you want to choose a company that’s been in the game for some time, has good customer service, and lets you track your order from start to finish.

You can Unlock Vodafone Phone handsets with DirectUnlocks for as little as £20. Could there be an easier, cheaper and more effective way to unlock your device?