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How to unlock iPhone 7 and save yourself money after 2020

iPhone 7 Plus Yellow Can you remember what you were doing in 2016? It may not stand out immediately as being a particularly exciting year as far as news goes but there were some nail-biting moments. One of the world’s most notorious drug kingpins, El Chapo, was captured after escaping maximum security prison, the WHO announced that Zika virus was spreading explosively in the Americas, and North Korea launched a long-range rocket into space. Not bad in the space of 12 months, right?

2016 was also the year that the now-infamous iPhone 7 launched. On September 7 in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7’s design was similar to its predecessor; however, there were some simple yet significant changes. The iPhone 7 was water and dust-resistant was the first the iPhone to have no 3.5mm headphone jack, had a super-fast quad-core chip upgrade, and a 12mp rear-facing camera.

Amongst both Apple fanatics and critics, the iPhone 7 received mixed reviews. The improved rear camera gave reasons to be excited but overall there was criticism that Apple had failed to truly innovate in both display and build quality. The removal of the headphone jack also caused quite the stir, critics and fans saw this as an attempt on behalf of Apple to sell more of their own often-expensive accessories. The phone was discontinued after Apple’s annual hardware event on September 10, 2019, but remains popular among the general public with a large number of devices still in regular use.

2020 has been difficult for almost everybody, a lot of workers were placed on furlough and many more have lost their jobs completely. Almost every country in the world is in an economic crisis and it has never been more important for folk to tighten their belt and take a hold of their spending. More troubling times may inevitably lie ahead so saving some money on your everyday spending is a must following this disastrous year.

How to save money on your iPhone 7

The secret to saving money every single month on your iPhone 7 is not really a secret, it’s hiding in plain sight. All you guys need to do is Unlock iPhone 7 handsets. The question I’m sure you want answering is how exactly will unlocking your iPhone 7 save you money, so let’s explore exactly how it will.

Your monthly network cost can be slashed in half by unlocking your iPhone 7. The vast majority of iPhone users are bound to network contracts, while these contracts make it more affordable to own the latest device they also mean that you are locked to that network and only able to purchase your monthly mobile usage from that network. The major networks often overcharged on usage by around 200-300% compared to a SIM-only deal, meaning if you’re paying £30 a month for unlimited usage on your locked device, which is over £360 per month, you could slash that to around £10 a month and £120 per year. This is a huge saving which will leave you with a significant amount of money to put toward crucial bills and payments.

When you unlock your device with a company like DirectUnlocks, whether it is paid for or not, you can remove your current SIM and purchase a SIM-only deal from one of the companies in the booming SIM-only market which is becoming increasingly popular. These companies have none of the enormous overheads that the major networks do and so can offer data and minutes at much lower prices.

Global travel is more common now than ever before, destinations previously inaccessible to regular folk are now affordable and within reach. However, with global restrictions, 2020 has seen a stark decrease in travel with major airlines suffering huge losses. In 2021 we are going to be desperate to travel, which is great; however, travelling with a locked iPhone 7 can be expensive, if you’re locked to a network then you are subject to their roaming charges. These charges can be extortionate but are easily avoidable with a simple unlock. Once you unlock your device you can remove your domestic SIM when travelling, find a local store, purchase a local SIM with enough data to cover your trip and continue to use everything you love on your iPhone 7 as normal. For around £20 you will save money whether you travel once, twice or a dozen times a year.