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How To Uninstall Escape From Tarkov [Explained]

Uninstall Escape From Tarkov Just in case you’re wondering how to uninstall Escape From Tarkov, we’ve got you covered. Battlestate Games’ realistic FPS Escape From Tarkov (EFT) has built a niche following in recent years, owing to its growing popularity among Twitch streamers.

The introduction of Twitch drops also contributed to the game’s hype as a tough-to-crack, hyper-realistic shooter. But all things come to an end unfortunately; or fortunately, depending upon your experience playing it.

For gamers facing persistent errors or simply done with wait for the never-ending beta phase of the game to get over, you might need a helping hand while trying to uninstall the game from your system. This final ‘Escape From Tarkov’ might prove to be the hardest challenge after all.

How to Verify Game Files First

If you’re facing errors while launching or playing the game, you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall it just yet. You can do a check first to try to repair the program.

  1. Run Battlestate Games Launcher
  2. Click on your nickname in the upper-right corner
  3. Click on Integrity Check

The process will run for some time and you can try running the game after that to see if it was successful. If it wasn’t, you can move on to the next section.

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Can’t Find Escape From Tarkov On The Windows ‘Installed Programs’ list?

Many players have reported that the game does not appear in the ‘Installed Programs’ list on Windows, the usual place you go to in order to uninstall program files from your computer.

EFT Beta
Image: BSG

Perhaps the developers wanted to give players one last mission as they decide to manually delete Escape from Tarkov. But we’ve figured it out for you. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Look for the uninstaller exe file in the Battlestate Games install folder in the directory where you’ve installed the game. You’ll find it under ‘Battlestate Games\Bsg Launcher’.
  2. Run the uninstaller executable to remove the game from your system.

This should typically do the job but there are chances that you might be one of the lucky ones who were selected for an extra difficult uninstall mission. Read on for what to do in that case.

Can’t Find The Uninstaller In The Battlestate Games Folder?

It’s possible that BSG wanted the uninstall process to be a long-drawn-out one. If you can’t seem to locate the uninstaller executable in the Battlestate Games folder in your computer, you can simply choose to delete the entire game folder (installed files) from your system.

You can refer to the Escape From Tarkov Launcher settings to find the installation folder, if you’re unsure.

For a comprehensive, deep clean of the game from your system, you should also wipe the registry keys and any App Data left over after the uninstallation.

Use a free tool like CCleaner to run a registry scan and it will automatically remove all leftover keys and files not needed anymore.

This process will wipe all traces of Escape From Tarkov and help you if you decide to reinstall the title in the future.

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Do You Lose Progress If You Uninstall EFT?

You might be worried whether you will lose all your progress and in-game items if you uninstall Escape From Tarkov. After all, you might decide to return to it later after a much-needed escape.

The short answer is – No, you will not lose progress on uninstallation. Battlestate Games stores your game data on their servers and hence, your files are not bound to your hard disk.

In Conclusion

Storage space is fast turning into a precious resource, with new games popping up left, right, and center. There are only so many games you can keep at the same time. Now you know how to uninstall Escape From Tarkov and free some much-needed space for playing another shooter or battle royale title.