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How To Track Your iPhone And Other iOS Devices

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Want to know how to track your iPhone and other iOS devices without having to rely on the authorities in blue? Well, we have roped in a handful of applications and software options that would help you locate your iDevice under any sort of event or circumstance. Whether your precious Apple gadget has been stolen, lost or simply decided to get lodged between the sofa cushions, you’ll be able to zero in on the piece within a matter of minutes. Simply remain calm, stay cool and definitely refrain from having a panic attack or mini heartbeat skips during the whole ordeal. Read on to find out more.

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone 01

Find My iPhone is a software marvel from the house of the Cupertino company itself. It enables you to locate your lost phone by employing the help of another iOS device. The entrant also aids in protecting all your vital data stored on your iPhone from prying eyes. However, the owner of the actual gadget in question must first enable the feature in the iCloud settings directly from the handset. Only after this is done can you use another iOS-powered tech piece to find the misplaced one.

Now how does it work? Well, after you install the app on another iDevice, you would need to open it and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, with the help of a map, the software will accurately track your iPhone and other iOS devices. Once that’s done, you can now choose to carry out any of the following actions:

-Remotely lock your gadget.
-Display a personalized message on the lost device screen.
-Play a sharp, striking sound.
-Completely erase your personal data.

Find My iPhone iPad

If you choose to chime out a noise via your gadget, it will automatically resound for a span of two minutes and at full volume. And even if you’ve put your handset on silent mode, it will still echo at its loudest to alert the thief or a kind passerby. The Find My iPhone attribute initially required a subscription to the MobileMe service but it can now be obtained absolutely free of cost. The app also supports a host of languages like Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Thai, Romanian and Chinese, among others.


iHound App

Another great way to track your iPhone and other iOS devices is by using iHound. This software zeros in on the gadget’s position by employing an amalgamation of real-time GPS, Wi-Fi and significant location GPS. For exploiting this feature, you would need to first download the application onto the desired device. And through iHound’s tracking website, you’ll be able to send a push notification to your gadget via a loud alarm or personalized text message.

Every time the device makes a location shift, the company’s server will be alerted of the same. To acquire this gem from the Apple App Store, you’ll have to shell out $3.99. This tag comes inclusive of a 3-month subscription service. You can further extend it by parting ways with $5.99, $10.99 and $19.99 for 6, 12 and 24 months, respectively. There are also specialized, anti-theft lost and found stickers up for grabs from iHound, which can be slapped onto various portable devices.


GadgetTrak App

We have included another noteworthy app that’s dubbed GadgetTrak to help keep your worries at bay. In order to locate your missing iPhone or iPad, you must first download the software from the Apple App Store so that you can easily track the device via the internet. You’ll be bombarded with location reports like map points, an IP address, longitude and latitude. And if you’re faced with a tech-savvy thief who’s well versed with the latest software out there, you can easily enable the ‘Deleting Apps’ restriction. As the name suggests, this process will prevent the crook from deleting GadgetTrak or any other apps.

The application uses GPS, cell towers and Wi-Fi positioning technology to pinpoint the exact location. All these attributes can be yours for $3.99. Furthermore, the perpetrator behind your temporary loss can also be brought to justice thanks to the Camera Reports feature. For just under a dollar, you can capture the thief’s picture through the front and rear-facing cameras located on the lost device.



And last but certainly not least, the Lookout app helps track your iPhone and other iOS devices in case it’s lost or stolen. You can communicate with your missing device through a web browser or any other handset. And according to the developer of this software, the gadget in question can also make a call to a specific number even if the SIM card is removed by the burglar. Besides this, it also allows you to send a loud alarm or voice message to your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The software even makes a back up of your content and saves a copy of your contacts. And did we mention that it’s a free goodie?


Now if such an occasion arises, you’ll know just how to track your iPhone and other iOS devices. So the next time you feel your pockets for your iPhone or iPod touch or scour the room for your iPad, and don’t end up finding your iDevices, don’t worry. You can be rest assured that the gadgets will only be temporarily misplaced and with the help of the aforementioned options, you’ll be able to find your tech treat and even get a picture of the culprit. Do give us your feedback and let us know if our picks helped you retrieve your prized property.