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How To Start Improving Your Sales Team’s Performance Right Away

Mid-Sized Business Stock Image Let’s talk about sales teams underperforming in certain organizations. There are so many reasons for this that it would be difficult to point a finger at one factor. It could have to do with low morale, poor hiring processes, low value leads, untrained personnel, or poor products or services.

Quite often, poor sales performance is due to leads being of low quality. The sales team might be failing in prospecting, which leaves the pipeline without activities. Other reasons that affect a sales team’s productivity are low investment in supporting tech and data, and lack of accurate sales forecasting.

In order to tackle poor sales figures, companies must avoid doling out punishment and pursue other positive tactics. Managers need to incorporate personalized coaching, provide tools for accurate sales forecasting, and invest in motivating the team.

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It is necessary to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with optimal solutions instead of adopting an attitude that would demotivate employees. With the right support, your sales team can be empowered to perform better.

Teamwork Coaching Use technology

Digital transformation has overhauled the way organizations do business. But many companies still expect employees to learn as they go instead of investing time in training them to improve their tech skills. eLearning is the new buzz word. The sales coaching platform by Revenue Grid is one example of technology solutions organizations can adopt in order to train their sales force.

It collates the correct data from specific points in the pipeline to analyze performance. It provides coaching and then allows your sales team to build structures that help them meet sales goals. Businesses need customers to survive and grow. A strong sales team is key to reaching the desired client base. Companies today use highly sophisticated software to cultivate and identify leads, and manage and retain customers.

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Organizations that don’t invest in eLearning or some form of training, and the right kind of supporting technology with regards to their sales personnel stand to lose out to rivals in the long run.

Provide accurate sales forecasting

Sales forecasting provides sales teams with insights about expected targets. In every sales activity, they focus their energies on meeting the target. When organizations under forecast, the company fails to generate enough revenue.

Accurate forecasting helps businesses allot the required resources, including personnel when necessary, and course-correct in order to meet the predicted target.

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Incorporate personalized coaching

Sales coaching ensures sales teams consistently improve productivity through feedback, repetition, and practice. Coaching at the right points in time results in an improved understanding of the sales process and customer journey through the pipeline.

It should be done at a personalized level, although the focus should also be placed on coaching the entire team. Training provides individual sales reps with opportunities to improve their performance.

Understand the problem

Meeting Boardroom education A sales team that is underperforming signifies an underlying problem. If it’s not the product or service itself that they’re selling which is the issue, it could be that the team lacks training, or they are demotivated.

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It could be that there is a stronger competitor outshining your organization, or your team does not have the skills to close deals. You may opt to arrange for a group and a one-on-one meeting with your team members to diagnose the problem. After zeroing in on the issue, work with your team to develop lasting solutions.

Here are some of the questions that you need to address:

  • Why isn’t the team meeting its targets?
  • What problems exist when closing deals?
  • Why is the pipeline not full of prospects/leads?
  • Why is it taking too much time and effort to close a sale?

Involve your sales team while planning

One of the major mistakes team managers make is to plan alone in a meeting and then present expectations and targets to the sales team on paper. By doing this, you are likely to take your team by surprise and face resistance because they don’t own the vision. Some of the targets could also be unrealistic, which demotivates your team even before they start.

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Organize a team building event with your team and plan on the next quota, half year, or financial year. If they own the goals and targets, they are more likely to focus on them to fulfill them.

Create an effective lead strategy

Leads are crucial to the performance of your sales team. Successful leads turn into customers who sometimes remain loyal for many years. Some salespeople generate leads, but they don’t know the strategies to use to follow up. Sometimes, they solely focus on people who they guess will turn into bulk buyers and ignore the rest.

Cold calling every lead could be time-consuming, but the entire team needs to work together to create winning strategies. To generate more leads, organizations need to constantly be fine-tuning their ads, offers, landing pages, opt-in strategies, and overall marketing tactics.

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It is frustrating to manage an underperforming sales team. The use of the right CRM tools and sales training can help. But it is important to correctly pinpoint the root cause (or causes) before managers can offer lasting solutions.