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How To Reset Your Password On Gmail

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Want to know how to reset your password on Gmail? Well, this particular space is reserved for tackling just that. Changing your password at least once or twice during a 4-month span is generally a good practice. It helps keep your precious Gmail account safe from being hacked by any other individual. It is also advisable to alter your secret login line if you feel that your account has been compromised in any manner. Read on to know how to change your password and set a new one in its place.

The whole process is quite simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. In the first few paragraphs, we will tackle the subject at hand, in which we’re assuming you already know your password or security question. If you have completely forgotten, lost or misplaced your password, then we suggested you skip right to the latter of this guide, where we will shed more light on how to deal with the same. But in any case, we urge you to set a password that’s not so easy to crack.

Choose A Powerful Password:

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We agree that birthday or anniversary dates, nicknames and not so common words are easy-to-remember solutions but in order to strengthen your ongoing fight against online hackers, you must use an amalgamation of both, namely numbers and alphabets. You can even throw in phonetic replacements, a mix of capital and lowercase letters and/or similar looking substitutions like $ for S or zero for O. To completely throw ‘no-gooders’ off track, you can change that hush-hush term every once in a while, as we’ve mentioned earlier.

To reset your password on Gmail, you’ll first need to proceed to the login page and punch in your username and password as you usually do. From there, you can get to the ‘Change Password’ segment in 2 ways:

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1 – On the upper right hand corner of your screen, you should be able to see your Gmail id with an arrow next to it that will reveal a dropdown box when clicked. Opt for the ‘Account’ button and you’ll immediately be taken to that section. Now from the list located on the left hand side of the page, choose the ‘Security’ and then ‘Change Password’ options.

2 – After signing in, hit the ‘Settings’ option and proceed to select ‘Accounts and Import’ from among the array strewn across the top of the screen. And when you click on ‘Change Password,’ you’ll be transported directly to the desired space.

Reset Your Password:

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But before you continue with the password alteration process, we urge you to think twice as according to Google, once you change your secret phrase, you can’t reuse your old one again. If you still want to go through with it and reset your password on Gmail, we suggest you read further. Now, if you’ve conducted the above steps correctly, you should find yourself in the ‘Change Password’ section where you can either provide your current password or answer your security question. The latter comes in handy when you’ve forgotten your original password but still remember the easy query that was posed to you while formulating your account.

After you’ve typed in the required information in either of the aforementioned boxes, proceed to entering your new password. Google has added a useful little indicator next to this box, whose job is to show you just how strong your new phrase selection is. Enter different variations of numbers, letters and symbols to come up with a satisfactory input that should invoke at least a ‘Strong’ green-hued sign. Now, enter the same password in the box below and hit on the ‘Save’ button.

I Forgot My Password:

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In the scenario where you’ve forgotten or misplaced your secret phrase, you can reset your password on Gmail by conducting the following steps. When you’re asked, ‘Having trouble signing in?,’ simply check the ‘I forgot my password’ box, enter your email address and hit ‘continue.’ You can then choose how you want to get back into your account.

While the first option enables you to answer your special security question, you can also get a verification code via SMS directly on your handset. If either of the choices doesn’t really appeal to you, the company even gives you the option of verifying your identity by answering multiple questions pertaining to your account. This will determine whether you are really the owner of the account or just some hijacker masquerading as you.

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Besides turning to your mobile phone and answering a security question, there are a few other ways of regaining access to your Gmail account if you’ve forgotten your password. You can employ the use of a recovery email address or an alternate email to do the same.


So whether you want to simply alter your password for security reasons or get a new one just in case you’ve forgotten it, you can always rely on the aforesaid steps to get you out of that pickle. The procedure also comes in handy for regaining control of your account in the event of a virtual hijacking. We hope our guide on how to reset your password on Gmail proved useful in your hour of need.


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