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How To Remove Windows Live Messenger

Remove Windows Live Messenger

Why would someone want to to remove Windows Live Messenger? Well, there are a basketful of reasons that would compel an individual to uninstall Microsoft’s instant messaging client. For one, he or she might prefer using any of the other IMs available out there on the virtual plain like Yahoo!, Google Talk and Facebook. Earlier dubbed MSN Messenger, this service was once among the most popular IMs until more rivals like the aforementioned ones began to crop up.

Another reason for doing away with this Messenger could be because your child spends way too much time on his or her account, chatting with friends. Well, in this case, you can avail of the Windows Parental Controls where you get to decide who your kids interact with as well as reject or allow any new contacts. But if you prefer to completely uninstall Windows Live Messenger from your PC or laptop, just follow the step-by-step instructions provided by us and you’ll be free from this worry. Furthermore, this process also comes in handy when you’re not too happy with the current version and want to install an earlier, more familiar form of Messenger.


Well, in order to delete this service, you needn’t sign into your account as all the steps in this procedure are conducted through the desktop itself. You don’t have to tap into your account and fiddle around with any complex settings or drop down boxes. There are 2 sure-fire methods for successfully uninstalling Windows Messenger. We will now proceed with the first of the duo.

Method 1:


This method involves you hitting the start button from your taskbar and then proceeding to the Control Panel. Once there, opt for the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ icon from among the various other options present in this plain. You will then be redirected to another window which has 4 icons located at the left hand side. Hit the first one namely, ‘Change or Remove Programs.’ You should then see a host of built-in programs appear onscreen. Now all you have to do is diligently search for Windows Live Essentials and not Windows Live Messenger. We’ll explain to you why it’s ‘Essentials’ and not the actual name a little later on in our guide on how you could attempt to remove Live Messenger, so keep reading.


Once you have zeroed in on ‘Windows Live Essentials,’ you must then opt for the Change/Remove button which is located on the right. You should now see a Windows Live mini screen popping up as plain as day, with 2 options namely, Uninstall and Repair. While the first one will do exactly what its name suggests, the latter will indeed fix all your Windows Live programs as well as update any required components.


Check the Uninstall option and hit the Continue button located at the bottom right hand side of the Windows Live screen. Once that’s done, another window opens with 4 options splashed across it. You are now required to check the desired program that has to be deleted. In this case, you’ll have to tick the first option namely, Messenger and leave the other boxes sitting besides the Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer icons unchecked. After inserting a little green tick mark into the Messenger box, hit the continue button once again to completely remove Live Messenger from your PC or laptop.

Method 2:


The second method requires you to go to My Computer and opt for the C: drive. From there, dive into Program Files where you should be able to spy a Windows Live folder. Double clicking on the same will open the file and display various Windows Live options like Contacts, Family Safety, Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery and more. Among these elements, you’ll spot an Installer folder. On clicking the yellow file, 3 options will be presented to you. And from among the trio, perform a double click on the ‘wlarp’ icon which should lead you to the Uninstall or Repair window mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also directly get to this same window by clicking on Start, Run and then punching in the following:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\installer\wlarp.exe


Windows Live Essentials:

As promised earlier, we’ll explain to you why it’s ‘Windows Live Essentials’ that you have to lookout for and not simply Messenger. Well, the IM feature is part of the Essentials package which is comprised of many programs that originate from the house of Microsoft itself. These include Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery, Toolbar, Movie Maker and Writer. To begin with, there is no standalone setup installer to avail of. And so, when you attempt to delete the same, you would need to opt for Windows Live Essentials and check only the Messenger box.


So now you know how to remove Windows Live Messenger from your PC, netbook or laptop. Whether you want to download an earlier version or do away with the whole thing altogether, you can follow the necessary steps and rid yourself of the same. If you happen to know of other ways or procedures for obtaining the same result, do leave your comments and suggestions in the box below.